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Chapter 66: Forgotten Heart

From the party channel, came Ling Xue’s sweet voice, “Little Fool, I’m coming to the Forgotten Valley to find you!”

I said in a surprised voice, “Ling Xue, don’t come here. It’s too dangerous!”

Ling Xue gave a soft laugh, “Don’t worry. Don’t leave, I’ll be there soon!”

I was speechless. Forget it, with a beautiful and intelligent girl leveling with me, I would be incredibly happy, so why would I stop it?

So I killed my way down the mountain road to the Forgotten Tower, also opening the way for Ling Xue!


After half an hour, I stood guard at the edge of the forest.

Suddenly there was a gentle sound from the forest as the leaves opened up to reveal Ling Xue’s beautiful form appearing from the forest. Her armour was releasing a faint glow and there were several red maple leaves on Ling Xue’s head. When she arrived in front of me, I saw Ling Xue’s beautiful red face and her long eyelashes with dew atop them, revealing a pair of eyes that had a sly smile to it. The current Ling Xue was simply too beautiful!

My heart instantly accelerated and I began to chant sutras to calm my wildness. Ling Xue’s beautiful eyes looked over my name and she said with a smile, “The red colour seems to be lighter. How much sin do you still have?”

I said, “427!”

“Oh, there’s still around three-four hours!” Ling Xue blinked innocently, but she had a evil smile as she said, “Little Fool, after tomorrow, the game will connect to people’s bank accounts. Shouldn’t you sell some of your equipment and treat me to a meal?”

My heart skipped a beat. I never thought the system would open so early!

I had over two thousand gold coins in my inventory, this was not a small wealth! Of course that was only to me. For a girl like Ling Xue who drove a BMW, even ten thousand gold coins wasn’t considered much for her.

So I said with a smile, “Of course!”

“Un, good!” Ling Xue nodded.

I reached a hand out to help clear the leaves on her hair, but I never thought that this small movement would make Ling Xue’s face turn red like an autumn apple. It was incredibly tempting!

Brining Ling Xue along, I headed back to the Forgotten Tower, but it was much easier this time. Ling Xue’s game sense was very adept, bringing in a bunch of mobs with rhythmic movement, even being able to use her body to stop the monsters from attacking me. Like this, I just needed to release the Thousand Bladed Arrows to attack.

A Demonified Skeleton came forward and landed its iron sword on Ling Xue’s shoulder. In the end, Ling Xue did not notice it at all, only suffering 42 damage which made me shocked. I quickly noticed that Ling Xue was wearing some new equipment and I couldn’t help saying, “Ling Xue, you’ve already collected the Strong Gale Set?”

“Humph, humph, you’ve finally noticed?”

Ling Xue snappily looked at me before saying with a slightly proud voice, “This afternoon, elder sister and Bing Cha helped me

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