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Chapter 72: Demonized Swordsman

After logging off, the dishes Ling Yue ordered from a restaurant were on the table in the living room. After everyone ate their fill, they logged in again. Zi Yue, Summer, and Quiet Rain Fall went to level. Bing Cha was kept behind by me and Ling Yue to come to the Ancient Ghost Temple with us.

After logging on, we gathered at Sunset City’s east gate. Ling Yue and I came first and Ling Xue came right after. In the end, the two beauties were too attracting and were almost surrounded by people. When Purple Rhyme and Bing Cha arrived, I pulled Ling Yue and Ling Xue out of the crowd of people.

When we arrived outside the city, everyone let out a sigh of relief. Bing Cha said with a smile, “Beauties are invincible……”

Ling Yue and Ling Xue had flushed faces and Purple Rhyme revealed a faint smile on the side.

I was leading the way. Currently the Ancient Ghost Temple was no longer a secret, it had been announced on the forums, so there were many players here looking for high level equipment. It was a pity that the drop rate for the first and second floors were too low and that the Iron Armour Guards and Beast Riding Corpse Knight on the third and fourth floor were too strong, normal people couldn’t beat them. Countless enthusiastic teams encountered sweetness and bitterness here.

When the five of us appeared at the Ancient Ghost Temple, we found that the first floor was already divided between many people. Almost each Blue Wolf Guard was ganged up to death the moment they respawned.

Ling Xue and I charged forward, standing in front of the team, with Ling Yue and Purple Rhyme in the middle and Bing Cha standing in the back as a guard. Our group’s combination stunned the players on the first floor and some people couldn’t help looking over as they said in surprise, “Did you see! Did you see! It’s the beauties from the Xue Yue Studio. The one in front, isn’t that the number one female magician Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon?”

“Bullshit, that girl is the number one warrior, Gentle Breeze Flying Snow! You can’t even see the name?”

The first person was even more surprised, “Broken! They are all experts above level 40! Do you see it, Easily Angered Bookworm who killed countless experts in the Forgotten Valley is also there. Such a strong archer, he is simply the model for all archers in China! Look at our old third, this fellow is trash. He can’t even fight level 18 monsters at level 28……”

We didn’t stay on the first level and directly went to the second level. In the distance, there was a group called Bloodthirsty currently fighting Spirit Warriors. Although it was very hard, they could still kill it.

When we reached the third floor, there were very few players here, fighting the Iron Armour Guards in groups of three-five. It was a pity that the Iron Armour Guards had an abnormal defense and they couldn’t break it at all. In the end, in half a cup of tea’s worth of time, they didn

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