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Chapter 80: Bloodthirsty World


With a cold glow, the armour piercing arrow came out of the void!

With a “peng” sound, Fated Madman swayed as white light exploded on his chest. There was a damage figure that appeared above his head: 1761!

Without hesitation, I fired a second skill. The fire arrow pierced through the void and accurately landed on Fated Madman again!


The fire arrow’s damage couldn’t compare to the armour piercing arrow, but it was enough!

Fated Madman had a look of terror and he had been instantly killed without even having time to make a sound!

Potions dropped to the ground and he scattered into light.

Fated Bloodthirster to the side had a look of panic as he roared, “Damn! Someone’s ambushing us, charge!”

After saying this, Fated Bloodthirster charged forward with a new danger, but I was in a dense forest, so there was no need to fear his attack. In comparison to that, my goal was not just to kill Fated Madman, there was no sin generated from killing in the Forgotten Valley, so it was time to properly play with the Fated Guild!


With a burst of flames, a flame arrow flew through the void and directly landed on Fated Bloodthirster’s shoulder, causing him to sway. He tried to activate his stealth mode, but it was already too late. He was only level 32, he was a full 13 levels under me, so I could easily deal with him when he approached with stealth. When I fired my second armour piercing arrow, Fated Bloodthirster sensed it.


Sparks flew in all directions and Fated Bloodthirster dropped a leather armour before reviving back in the city.

I didn’t even look at it, level 30 equipment wasn’t even worth looking at. The most important thing is that large amounts of Fated players were drawn in by my sneak attack and they came in waves!

Without saying anything, I turned and ran. Once the enemy archers and mages hit me with their ice spells, it would be hard for me to even run!

At this time, there was the sound of charging in the distance. It was the Xue Yue combat players and in front of them was Favoured Son of the Heavens, Wang Jun Jie!

Suddenly, the Fated players didn’t know what was going on, as their lineup fell into chaos from Wang Jun Jie’s group of over one hundred.

I seized this chance to hide in the forest, waiting for an opportunity to fire a fire arrow at a Fated mage. With the high level fire arrow and the attack power of the Star Chasing Bow, it was not something a mage could resist. Each time I attacked, there was a mage that fell to the ground.

Wang Jun Jie raised the sword in his hand to cut down a Fated mage as he ruthlessly said, “Damn! You bastards dare think father is easy to bully!”

But Wang Jun Jie did not act arrogant for long when a large amount of players suddenly appeared on the road, it was the Bloodthirsty Guild’s players. Bloodthirsty was a relatively famous team in Sunset City, having several thous

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