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Chapter 60: Sword Flame, Xue Yue

Looking at the fierce look on Fated Madman’s face and his arrogant appearance, Ling Xue couldn’t help whispering, “Cheap person…..”

I couldn’t help being stunned as I said, “Act with discretion.”

Ling Xue hesitated a bit before looking up at me. That beautiful face had an intoxicating smile as she said, “I really couldn’t find any other words to describe him~”

At this time, Zi Yue was a bit nervous as she said, “They’ve brought over two hundred people, can we still stop them?”

Ling Yue couldn’t help sighing, “Just do your best. We…..might really fall down below level 30 here…..”

At this time, a player besider Ling Yue said, “How about we run? A real man does not care about the loss in front of him……”

Ling Yue gave a soft laugh and asked, “Bookworm, what do you think?”

I slowly said, “I am a stubborn person, I only know how to fight head on. If we lose our courage today, we won’t be able to compete in Sunset City or fight against Fated again, we will forever tremble under their swords!”

Ling Yue said with a faint smile, “Good words!”

Ling Xue also revealed a look of joy. She raised the Flowing Light Sword in her hand as she said with a smile, “Then, we’re going to fight head on today!”

Bing Cha happily raised her sword and softly said, “I’ll follow everyone, if we die, we die!”

Quiet Rain Fall lifted her bow and said with a smile, “Don’t be so depressing, it’s not like we don’t have a chance at all.”

Zi Yue and Summer smiled at each other and said nothing.

Fated Madman gave a cold laugh as he ordered, “Charge for me, wipe them out!”

Ling Yue said nothing as she directly threw out a Scarlet Flame Sea in front of us. Like this, the few players charging in front immediately stopped. Fated Madman behind urged them to charge forth, “What are you afraid of? Father will give you ten thousand for each death, fuck!”

It was very clear that Fated Madman was a rich family’s young master, otherwise he would not dare be this generous.

When the wave of Fated Players charged forward, Ling Xue looked up at me and said, “Little fool, kill the red names first, you can lose a few less levels like this……”

I revealed a faint smile, “If I fall down to level 25, will you look down on me?”

Ling Xue had a faint smile as she said, “Silly fool! Of course now, I will level with you!”

I revealed a smile. This situation was the best scenario, I could die without any regrets.

But at this time, chaos appeared in the back of the Fated formation. The sound of killing rang out as a large group of high level player appeared, charging into the Fated players!

Ling Xue blinked and said in surprise, “This….what is this?”

Ling Yu was also surprised as she muttered, “Sword Flame Dragon Soul, Sword Flame Heavenly Punisher…..Why are they here?”

In the distance, large amounts of high level players joined the fight and each person had the two words “Sword Flame” ab

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