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Chapter 120: Undead captain

When Ling Yue entered the second floor, she immediately suggested, “Bookworm, let’s use our AoE skills to quickly kill them! Xue’er and Bing Cha can block the attacks of the monsters!”

Ling Xue and Bing Cha happily nodded. The two girls separated, one right and one left with Purple Rhyme standing in the right position, wielding the Great Earth Staff, prepared to use her heal at any time.

I changed to the Star Chasing Bow and sent out the Thousand Bladed Arrows. With my 756 attack with the bow, I didn’t care about the 200 defense of the Dark Throwers at all. With a round of arrows raining down, there were damage figures that appeared above the head of the monsters which were all over 1000!

Purple Rhyme couldn’t help being surprised, “Bookworm’s attack is so strong……”

Ling Yue’s mouth also dropped, “Good fellow, you deal even more damage than my Scarlet Flame Sea! Bookworm, you really are abnormal!”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Ling Yue, are you praising me or insulting me?”

Ling Yue revealed a faint smile, “Nonsense, of course I’m praising you!”

Quiet Rain Fall on the side didn’t have a AoE skill, so she could only focus the group of mobs with her fire arrow. Zi Yue kept running away, but there was no other choice since if the assassin went in, she might be instantly killed. As for Summer, she summoned out her little wolf who after being killed several times, she was too lazy to summon again and ran away with Zi Yue.

Ling Xue was at the front of the party, already charging into the mobs. She swept out with her Light Flow Sword, sending out the Water Moon Slash to take a chunk of HP from the surrounding monsters. This high damage without a doubt gave her the most aggro, so the Dark Throwers all threw their iron spears at her, almost turning this little beauty into a porcupine.

It was a good thing that Ling Xue’s defense could be considered an iron wall and she had a very high attack. With Purple Rhyme’s focus, Ling Xue easily killed the mobs.

Five minutes later, the first batch of mobs fell to the ground and my experience bar flew up, as it kept jumping. Killing a bunch of Elite Monsters was so good for leveling that normal players could never imagine it.

On the second floor, we spent half an hour to clear out the Dark Throwers. During this short period of time, I went up a level, going from level 43 98% to level 44 45%. It was so fast that it made one unable to believe it!

When we cleared the field, the fourteen pieces of Bronze Equipment were taken by Ling Yue. She said with a smile, “We’ll sell all of these and they’ll be used as operating expenses for the studio. Does anyone have any objections?”

Of course the girls of the studio didn’t object, but Purple Rhyme awkwardly stood on the side. Zi Yue was the one to say, “How about big sister Purple Rhyme also join Xue Yue!”

Purple Rhyme was surprised and a trace of hope flashed in her eyes, but she

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