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Chapter 116: Super nanny


The Water Moon Slash’s powerful damage instant killed the archer without a doubt. I couldn’t help sighing. Although his archer had been very skilled in his positioning, his intelligence couldn’t compare to Ling Xue, so with just a few words, he was tricked and was doomed to fall.


With a sound, the leather armour bracer of the archer fell to the ground. Ling Xue immediately revealed a smile and said, “Che! I thought that he was some expert, but he’s only at this level!”

Ling Yue snappily said, “You’re talking!”

Ling Xue gave that leather bracer to Zi Yue and said with a smile, “This is called tactics, otherwise swordsmen don’t have any long range skills. I couldn’t have won at all, I could only rely on a surprise attack.”

I revealed a smile, “Right, right, I also think that Ling Xue used this move well!”

Ling Xue immediately said to me in a proud voice, “Hee, hee, these words are intelligent! Little fool, do you think that my tactics are good? Would it work if I used them on you?”

I was surprised. It had to be said, if these tactics were used on me, it definitely wouldn’t succeed. My intelligence was a bit higher than that archer, but if Ling Xue used another method, I would have lost!

There was a beautiful scene that appeared in my mind.

Ling Xue came in front of me and raised her young girl’s peaks as she said with a smile, “Let me cut you twice and I’ll kiss you, alright?”

There was no doubt that facing this young beauty’s figure and sweet smile, I wouldn’t be able to resist that tempting scene at all. I definitely would have been instantly killed!

“Hey, this fellow, what are you doing!”

Ling Xue pulled my arm and pulled me back to reality.

I quickly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “That…..Nothing, let’s keep leveling!”

Ling Xue looked at me before whispering in my ear with a smile, “Little fool, do you think my figure’s better or Zi Yue’s?”

I looked down and I couldn’t help seeing the snow white flesh under Ling Xue’s armour. Those proud peaks gave off a suffocating feel and the lower part of her armour revealed a pair of snow white legs. It really made one’s mouth turn dry.

I couldn’t help taking a breath before hesitantly saying, “This…..Let’s talk after logging off, it isn’t good if everyone can hear…..”

Ling Xue’s beautiful eyes looked around before she gave a chuckle, “Un, also, you think that you’re not allowed to look at Zi Yue. Humph, humph, if I see it again…..”

I said, “What looking at her!”

After saying this, I looked at the turbulent waves on Zi Yue’s chest and didn’t want to leave. This little girl Zi Yue, she might have been a pig in her past life!


So everyone continued leveling.

Although our team had two kiting fellows (Zi Yue and Summer), the leveling speed was quite fast. There was no other way, the Ling sisters were very powerful and adding in the attacks from my, Quiet Rain Fall, and

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