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Chapter 122: Profound Ice Sword Energy

It was actually a ring that increased attack speed!

This equipment was quite rare. No matter which Job it was, an increase in attack speed meant an increase in damage. This Gust Ring had a 2% increase in attack speed before it was appraised, so if it was appraised, the attack speed might increase again!

Ling Xue hesitated a bit, “Un, isn’t this ring for warriors?”

Ling Yue said, “It increases strength by 17 before it is appraised, or course strength is for warriors. Do you even need to still ask?”

So Ling Xue tossed the ring to me, “We already said it, this ring will be considered compensation!”

Bing Cha didn’t have any objections, she just asked, “Ling Xue, you’re a swordsman, do you not want this ring?”

There was a dazzling smile that appeared on Ling Xue’s lips as she looked at me and said, “I don’t want it because I have something better!”

There was a purple gold ring that was glowing on Ling Xue’s finger, it was clear that Ling Xue had just equipped the Dark Gold Purple Wind Ring that I gave me!

Bing Cha was a bit confused and Ling Yue who knew only smiled, not revealing this.

I quickly put the ring in my inventory. It was a good thing, I had to put it away first!

Like this, the three pieces of equipment were sorted out and now there was only that blue skill book.

[Thousand Mile Ice Seal]: With powerful magical ice, deal large damage to targets in a set range, which will also decrease their attack speed and their move speed.

Required: Level 50 Magician.


It was actually a book for a magician!

There was no doubt that Ling Yue had become the biggest winner. She had suddenly changed from a fire mage to an ice mage. With this Thousand Mile Ice Seal and the 20% increase to Ice Spells from the Ice Goddess Staff, Ling Yue’s magic attack was terrifying!

Ling Xue gave the skill book to Ling Yue without another word and spread her hands, “We’ve divided the look, let’s turn in the mission?”

The girls nodded. When I wanted to leave, Ling Xue pulled me aside and secretly gave me two flame red gems, saying in a low voice, “Little fool, these are for you. The others can’t use them…..”

I was a bit surprised as I looked at the two gems.

[Roaring Flame Gem]

Grade: 1

Effect: Increase weapon attack by 20. Takes one slot.

[Roaring Flame Gem]

Grade: 2

Effect: Increase weapon attack by 20. Takes one slot.


It was a grade 1 gem and a grade two gem, moreover, they were weapon attack increase gems!

I was instantly stunned, “Damn! Aren’t these the gems that have been uploaded to the forums? I heard that a single grade 1 gem could be auctioned for five thousand gold coins!”

Ling Xue said with a smile, “In my eyes, they are just two good looking stones. Only you and big sister have Dark Gold Weapons with slots, so we can only give them to you. That…..I’m afraid that their minds aren’t as calm, so I didn’t an

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