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Chapter 119: Master chef boss

On the way, the beauties of Xue Yue attracted attention. Many players couldn’t help following us and only when we entered the area around Dead Wood Coast did they gradually scatter. The monsters near Dead Wood Coast were around level 50, so it wasn’t something that normal players could deal with. Although these beauties were enticing, their lives mattered more.

Ling Xue walked alongside me, us two warriors were standing at the front of the party.

“Yi? Look over there, there’s a sea turtle~” Ling Xue looked into the distance with an excited look.

I looked over, “That is a turtle shell.”

Ling Xue didn’t believe and turned the turtle shell over with her sword. She looked all over, but she didn’t find any turtle flesh at all.

Summer came forward to say, “Look, this is where the turtle’s feet would be, this is the turtle’s tail, this in front is the turtle’s…...Eh, why is it all red?”

Ling Yue and Bing Cha walked past, looking at us, “You guys really are bored…..”

Everyone felt embarrassed and quickly caught up to the team.

In the afternoon, we continued killing the Scarlet Eyed Sand Alligators. These level 60 Elite Monsters had very good experience, so we were very vigorous as we killed them.

Two hours quickly passed and my experience reached level 43 90%, I would reach level 44 soon. At this time, Ling Xue suddenly called out from in front, “Little fool, quickly come and take a look! There’s a NPC here, but I don’t know what it’s for!”

When everyone heard this, we all went over.

Following Ling Xue’s gaze, there was a small camp built in a small forest by the coast. The giant leaves were placed on the branches and became a ceiling for the camp, blocking out the wind and rain. There was a simple campfire with an iron pot on it underneath and there were two human soldiers sitting there, tending the fire.

Not far away, there were another two soldiers using a dagger to cut turtle flesh. It seemed like this was the turtle that we saw earlier, so it was these people who took care of them.

At the furthest part of the camp, there was a leader covered in silver armour with a sword at his waist who kept giving sighs.

I turned and said, “This might be a quest. Everyone come along, we’ll try to get everyone to accept this quest!”

The girls were very happy and immediately followed me.

I went forward and talked to the NPCs. The soldier adding firewood into the flames said, “This damn weather, we can’t find any dry wood at all. Damn, this will affect the cooking of the turtle meat……”

He didn’t say anything other than this, it seemed like he didn’t have a quest.

I went to the soldier cutting up the turtle meat and this soldier said, “It’s been several days since we’ve had a grain of rice. We caught this turtle this time, we can finally fill our stomachs after several days!”

There was still no result, so I could only go to the leader NPC. When I talked to h

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