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The hall is deserted. In this summer, it is very hot, and there is no air-conditioning in the hall.

I was sweating and perspiring heavily. I had a grievance, but no one to report it to. The beauty in my room would not be waking up anytime soon. And this hall, it does not even have a sofa for me to sit down on. I really don’t know what to do.

Finally, my sights landed on the game helmet. ‘Perhaps I could play it for a short while to while away the time?’

There is a game network cable port installed in the living room. Looks like there are no better time to use it. To know if this game helmet is really the <> game, all I need to do is to test it and I would know for sure!

I took the cable out of the bag, and installed the game accordingly to the instruction booklet. Then sat on the floor next to the wall and placed the helmet over my head.

One moment later, I suddenly feel that my brain seemed to clear, and I hear a sound…”

“Scanning iris, identified a new player. Player identity confirmed! Do you want to play the game?”

I immediately replied “YES.”

“Welcome! Your code number is 000000002. Your iris information has been locked!”

I was surprised! “Damn it. I just try this helmet once, and it locked on to my iris. Then does it means that this helmet could no longer be used by others, and become MY helmet?”

But I thought, she has forcibly occupied my room! Forget it, since I could not undo what had already been done, I will think of some ways to pay her back for it.

In the game helmet, there was another sound: “Sorry! This game has not been officially launched. Please wait for another 23 hours 42 mins before you can officially join this game. But you can create your character first. Do you want to create your character now?”

I click on “Yes – choose my character race”. The screen seemed to flash, and my surroundings seemed to wrap. All of a sudden, I was transported to the wilderness. In front of me, there are 3 choices: Human, Elves or Orc.

I have heard a rumour that here may be hidden race, but the chance of this occurring is one in a 10 million! Looks like I do not have the luck to unlock a hidden race.

With but 3 choices, I chose my race to be Human.

“Facial scan in progress, please wait a moment…”

Not longer after, an identical copy of me seemed to appear in front of me. He is dressed in leather armour, and appears to be a rookie.

There is no more system prompt, and instead a message appears:

“The game has not been launched yet, thank you for your patience.”

After that, my surroundings seemed to wrap and change again, and I was transported to a battlefield.

In a large canyon, there was a huge army of man, elves and orcs that was battling against the dark forces. Mages hurled mighty fireballs, while the sexy beautiful elves continuous launch a torrent of arrows from the back of the army. In the front lines, many warriors and berserkers seemed to be armed with spear o

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