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After walking out the village, I looked around, and the vast forest was filled with green colour creatures. There are no players around the region yet.

I look back and saw to my horror, a stampede of new players rushing towards this area!

I immediately ran up ahead, and was about to do my job – start killing the mobs to gain experience and money.

I saw that not far away, there was a woman dressed in sackcloth. She was looking everywhere, as if she was seeking help.

“Yi? Looks that there is a mission!”

I did not hesitate, and immediately made my way towards her.

When I reached the NPC girl, she begins to speak to me: “My grandfather lost his axe when he went to cut firewood in the forest. It was rumoured that a goblin has stolen the axe! Please, can you help me to retrieve my grandfather’s axe?

“Ding ~!”

System Prompt: Will you accept the quest[Retrieve Goblin War Axe]?


Of course, why would I reject this quest?

I immediately chose to accept.

“Ding ~!”

System notice: You have accepted the quest[Retrieve Goblin WarAxe] ! (Beginner’s Quest, difficultly level 10)

Quest Details: Help the woman [Little Flower] to find the missing axe. The axe should be in the hands of the goblins that are outside the village. Kill the goblins and retrieve ten axes from their corpses.

I was surprised. Little Flower’s grandpa only lost a single axe. How come my question requires me to find ten axes? This is definitely my type of expertise – making a small sacrifice for a big gain!

After speaking to me, Little Flower began to sit under the tree, and it seems that she will not give up any more missions.

I set out to find these goblins.

At this time, a goblin that was quite closed to me seemed to discover me, and it come at me with its small axe. It is very short like a winter melon, and the funniest thing is – it even wore a green colour hat.

[In Cantonese, wearing a green colour hat had another meaning: It means your wife is having an affair with another man. Yes I know, this Chinese author’s jokes does not translate well among non-Chinese. ]

I looked at the goblin and discovered that I could see its specs.

【Small Goblin】(Normal Beast)






The small goblin attack only does 1-3 points of damage. With my 2 points of defence, it should not be too hard for me to take it on.

Therefore I quickly go up, and smashed my staff on the small goblin’s head.


On the top of the goblin head suddenly appear “-12” number. This number should be the damage I inflicted on the goblin.

But the goblin’s axe also landed on my shoulder. There was a slight pain as I discovered I lost 5 points of life.

Great! My life is about the same as the goblin, but I do more damage with each hit. I should be able to kill it off.

The most important thing is, my attack is much faster than the goblin. As a beginning level monster, the go

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