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Chapter 49: Ebony Ghost House

Looking at the 400 skeleton ribs in my hand, the gravekeeper’s eyes filled with a trace of hope. He struggled to sit up and wheezed out, “Brave young man, you actually finished the quest. Alright, this is your reward!”


System Notification: You have completed the quest [Gravekeeper’s Request]. You have obtained 200000 experience points, 40 gold coins, and 250 Prestige.

There was no equipment given, but I was still satisfied. Out of the 100 free spaces in my inventory, half of it was filled with level thirty Dark Iron Equipment. He have a feast once he returned to the city!

After finishing the quest, the gravekeeper was silent for a bit before saying, “Only these few things will not be enough to cure my injuries. That damn plaque is too strong, I still need a more precious medicine. Young man, can you help me get that medicine?”

Of course I would do my part so I immediately clicked confirm.


System Notification: You have accepted the quest [Collecting Butterfly Orchids]! (Current Quest Difficulty: 240)

Quest Details: To the east of the gravekeeper’s hut, there is a part of the cemetery deeply affected by the plague where a kind of precious Butterfly Orchid grows. This herb is very helpful for curing the toxins of the gravekeeper and he hopes that you can collect 100 Butterfly Orchids. However, you must be careful because there are hard to imagine dangers by the sides of the Butterfly Orchids!

I looked at the details of the quest and found that it had a difficulty of 240. The quest details warned me of dangers close to the Butterfly Orchids, which also meant that there were monsters I had to kill before harvesting the Butterfly Orchids!

However, none of that was important. I had the Star Chasing Bow right now, so no monsters could survive under my attacks!

So, I directly went to the east. I didn’t walk far and I saw an impressive looking giant cemetery in front of me. The ground was black and there were blue orchids scattered all over, perhaps it was the Butterfly Orchid the gravekeeper needed!

However in that area, there were new undead creatures walking around. They were a bunch of skeleton warriors with impressive bodies as strong as armour.

[Skeleton Demon] (Normal Monster)

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

Fuck! They were all questions marks!

I cursed in a low voice before raising the Star Chasing Bow and directly releasing an ice arrow!


A damage figure appeared above the Skeleton Demon’s head and instantly its HP dropped by a segment. With a rough estimate it dropped around one eighth, which meant that the Skeleton Demon’s total HP was around 6000. Its level should be around 45 which wasn’t too high for me.

Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Skeleton Demons did not move too quickly. They limped as they moved and they didn’t attack quickly either.

So, I did not think

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