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Chapter 46: Lunar Shadow Cloak

Ling Yue raised the Roaring Flame Staff in her hand and said with a smile, “That’s great, we finally beat the boss. Now we can finally go to sleep!”

I couldn’t help becoming speechless. So she actually cared about stuff like this, but it wasn’t strange. Most people said that beauty came from sleep and sleep would help improve one’s beauty. In the end, which girl didn’t want to be beautiful? I believed that once they were high enough level and the level rankings stabilized, Ling Yue, Ling Xue, and Purple Rhyme would not stay up this late anymore!

Staying up late was the privilege of a single young man like me!

At this moment, the Beast Riding Corpse King charged forward with its mount. Once the wild beast came over, Ling Xue’s Light Flow Sword immediately clashed with it. Hearing a “zheng” sound, the Light Flow Sword released sparks and Ling Xue was sent flying back several steps!


A giant figure appeared above Ling Xue’s head. Her HP had been reduced by half!

Suddenly, everyone was shocked.

But at this moment, the Corpse King atop the beast suddenly attacked. Raising its sword high into the air, it then swung down!


A sword light flew out and the sword glow travelled five yards to hit Ling Xue!


Combat Notification: Player Gentle Breeze Flying Snow has suffered the Beast Riding Corpse King’s sword glow attack and has lost 2345 points of HP! Player Gentle Breeze Flying Snow has died!

Then it was followed by another sound.


System Notification: The effects of Prepared Resurrection has activated and player Gentle Breeze Flying Snow has been revived without any losses!

Ling Xue appeared in front of us with full HP, but her beautiful cheeks had turned pale. She quickly ran to my side and said with a voice filled with lingering fear, “Good fellow, this boss’ attack power is so strong!”

All of us were shocked. Even with Ling Xue’s high defense, that sword glow still instantly killed her. If it was anyone else, then we might have died before the second attack even landed!

Purple Rhyme immediately tried to use Prepared Resurrection on Ling Xue again, but she got a notification saying that each player could only activate Prepared Resurrection once every two hours!

Like this, Ling Xue could not be revived again. If she died again, she would fall down to level 34 from level 35 which would be too much of a loss!

Ling Yue was a little lost. She turned around and asked me, “What do we do now? Do we still fight this boss?”

I thought about it and then said in a determined voice, “Of course we’ll fight! However, Ling Xue will no longer go forward and will watch from a distance! We will fight it together with Ling Yue’s iceball and fireball techniques, my fire arrows and armour piercing arrows, and Purple Rhyme’s curse. Everyone must remember that the Corpse King’s dangerous skill has a range of five yards and our long ran

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