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Chapter 29: Summoning ten thousand soldiers

“High level my ass!”

After Dragon Soul kicked Heavenly Punisher down onto the fifth floor, he quickly entered as well. I followed behind him and Ling Yue and Purple Rhyme walked side by side behind me. If we met any monsters, the one in a bad position would be him.

Once we entered the fifth floor, a cold wind blew around us. The surrounding temperature suddenly dropped and we felt very cold!

When Ling Yue and Purple Rhyme appeared together, the two of them instantly gave a surprised shout. Ling Yue quickly tightened her robe around herself and Purple Rhyme’s arms wrapped around her chest, perfectly making the proud pair she had even more prominent.

Looking in front of us, a wave of cold air blew across us -

Its dead gray hair was wildly dancing. It wore a golden armour and had a long sword, with a purple cloak fluttering behind it. In front of us, there was an impressive looking skeleton, looking at us with a strong aura coming from its empty eye holes. It looked at us like it was looking at a bunch of ants and it was filled with disdain.

[Ten Thousand Year Old Skeleton King] (Gold Level Boss)

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

Description: Ten thousand years ago, a king died here. He was revived from his dissatisfaction of failing and now has become the king of skeletons leading a mighty force, hoping to sweep across the Spirit of Grief mainland.

Everyone here was dumbfounded. Heavenly Punisher’s eyes were wide open as he said, “My god, a Gold Level Boss. It’s time for us to die!”

Dragon Soul gripped his large sword, “Calm down! Calm down! We need to kill him. Whether we become rich will all depend on what happens today!”

Ghost Fire said, “It’s a pity that I can’t use the Perishing Set yet, otherwise we might have a chance to kill it!”

Ling Yue opened her attractive little mouth and muttered, “It’s actually a Gold Level Boss. Bookworm, we’ve struck the jackpot…..”

I said, “When do you want to start?”

After I gave my reminder, everyone finally awakened, but the Skeleton King also opened its eyes. A cold glow immediately appeared in its eye sockets which made anyone who saw it shiver uncontrollably!

The horse that the Skeleton King rode on had already turned to white bones, but it was still wearing its battle armour. With a long neigh, it kicked the ground a few times and suddenly charged forward as fast as lightning!


A cold glow shined and the blade of the sword in the Skeleton King’s hand was revealed. There was a stream of light shining on the sword, showing that it was not an ordinary item!

“Be careful!”

Dragon Soul gave a low roar and Heavenly Punisher bore the brunt of the attack with his axe. Only hearing a “ding” sound, the Skeleton King’s sword sent Heavenly Punisher flying. With a “peng” he fell onto the ground and had already lost more than half his HP!

Everyone revealed looks of

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