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Chapter 35: Showing off the Light Flow Sword

I revealed a smile, “Ling Xue, come back to Sunset City with me. Wait for me by the warehouse manager!”

Ling Xue was a little surprised, but she nodded as she smiled and said, “Un, alright!”

So Ling Xue and I took out Town Return Scroll at the same time and after destroying them, a strong magic transferred our bodies to Sunset City!

A crowd of players were surrounding us when we appeared and very quickly, everyone turned to look at Ling Xue. With such a beautiful swordswoman, it would be weird if no one stared at her!

I rushed over to the warehouse manager and took out the golden glowing Light Flow Sword. Then I entered the nearby material shop and sent a message to Ling Xue, “Come to the material shop!”

In just a few minutes, Ling Xue’s beautiful figure appeared in the shop, finally escaping the crowd chasing after her.

I directly opened the trade window and carefully placed the Light Flow Sword in. Then I pressed the confirm trade button.

[Light Flow Sword] (Gold Equipment)

Attack: 185-270

Strength: +24

Vitality: +20

Agility: +15

Additional effect: Increases the user’s skill attack power of 20%.

Required level: 30

This golden sword’s light revolved around it and it had strong stats that scared people. This number one Golden Grade Sword in «Spirit of Grief» had caused a large stir today. All the players in this world had learned that this Gold Equipment had appeared in the Chinese Server in just a few hours, but no one knew that this weapon was actually here!

Seeing the perfect and beautiful glow around the Light Flow Sword, Ling Xue’s beautiful eyes was covered in a layer of mist. Her voice was almost trembling, “Little fool…....This Golden Equipment, who did you steal it from? Why did you take this out to tempt me with……”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as I pressed the confirm trade button once again, “What do you mean by stealing it? I got this from killing a boss. Ling Xue, your attack is pretty bad now, so I’ll just give this sword to you. Don’t be polite because if it wasn’t for your helmet, I wouldn’t have had the chance to earn this piece of equipment. If I give this sword to you, I’ll feel a little less guilty……”

The corners of Ling Xue’s beautiful lips curled into a smile as she gently clicked the accept button. Accepting the Light Flow Sword, she said in a low voice to me, “Thank you…….”

I revealed a mischievous smile, “Is it over already?”

Ling Xue’s beautiful face turned red as she said in a small voice, “Then what do you want? Do you want to win this miss’ body with just a piece of Golden Equipment? Absolutely not. You need to bring at least a piece of Dark Gold Equipment……”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Alright, a piece of Dark Gold Equipment it is. I’ll find one sooner or later!”

Ling Xue revealed a faint smile and said in a sweet voice, “Alright, but this time I really do need to

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