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Chapter 27: Cannon fodder should go first

After Battle Soul Drifting Wind and Battle Soul Iron Wing had been taken care of, the situation had completely turned around!

Battle Soul Defying Heaven had a very ugly expression. This person who was first in Battle Soul’s face was completely pale as he stood there without saying anything. He just continued to drink potions and restore his HP, apparently he still wanted to fight.

At this moment, Sword Flame Dragon Soul had already stepped forward. He smiled and said, “Ao Tian, have you been well these past few years?”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven said, “It doesn’t matter if I’ve been good or not. The online game world is just like an empty dream, you’re still farming equipments for money and chasing after girls…….”

I said, “You really are bitter. Try saying something else, like how you’ll be enacting your revenge later.”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul smiled and said, “What revenge? Battle Soul won’t make a move against Sword Flame!”


“Because, Battle Soul Defying Heaven is my highschool classmate…….” Sword Flame Dragon Soul helplessly spread his hand and said.


At that moment, Battle Soul Defying Heaven had already walked over. He said, “Since Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon and Easily Angered Bookworm are Dragon Soul’s friends, then the fight we had just now was a mistake. Only the deaths of my brothers were not deserved……”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul could not help laughing, “Of course it was deserved. Those two brats depend on the fact that they are members of Battle Soul, even you can see how rampant they act on the outside. Humph, Battle Soul’s reputation has been completely ruined by those two bastards over the years!”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven couldn’t help saying, “You can still say that? When you left Battle Soul to form Sword Flame, weren’t you cursed as a bastard by everyone? Humph, you actually fought with your brothers over an ingame girl, that was great. That girl turned out to be a transvestite, so are you happy?”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul revealed an awkward expression, “Fuck, don’t mention that after all these years. I still feel eternal pain from that!”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven gave a sigh and then said, “I say, Dragon Soul, come back. Battle Soul needs more management class people like you, otherwise it’ll become even more chaotic. From what I can see, Drifting Wind and Iron Wind are not up to the task. Currently Battle Soul is being held up by myself.”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul could not help smiling as he said, “I now have new friends and it’s not right for me to abandon Sword Flame.”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven was a little surprised, but he then said, “Alright then. Since you have friends like Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon and Easily Angered Bookworm, I won’t insist. I’ll be leaving then!”

“Don’t. How about we finish the quest together?”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven gave a bitter smile, “If your two brother

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