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Chapter 50: Defending the Gravekeeper

The ghost house was completely dark and I couldn’t see anything inside of it at all.

I slightly tilted my head and I felt a black fireball slamming into my chest, knocking my entire body backwards. Looking up, I saw a necromancer being covered in a dark robe standing there, who was the purpose of this trip!

[Necromancer Ajiesi] (Bronze Grade Boss)

Level: ????

Magic Attack: ????

Defense: ????

HP: ????

A series of question marks that made people speechless, but it was lucky that it was only a Bronze Grade Boss, which meant that I still had a chance to win!

The necromancer’s black fireball took 200 HP from me which isn’t that much, after all, an archer had a strong magic defense. If it was a berserker or sword warrior, then it would have been more painful.

I immediately moved back while calculating the distance from the necromancer. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the necromancer’s attack range was 15 yards while mine was 20 yards!

After discovering this fact, I immediately began to get to work. I started off with an ice arrow and then drank a red potion. I continued to move back while launching fire arrows at the necromancer!

The fire arrow whistled forward and slammed into the necromancer’s chest. I just saw him shake before a “1268” damage figure appeared above his head!


Even I was surprised by this. After obtaining this Gold Grade Star Chasing Bow, my damage had exploded. Just a single attack was enough to take off a small portion of the boss’ HP!

I took another two steps back and continued to attack, but the necromancer slowed down by my ice arrow could only slowly chase after me. Like this, every time I attacked three times, it would only be able to attack me once. Moreover, I continued to use health potions which allowed me to go all out against him!

I was coming close to fainting and my entire person was sleepy. I just wanted to lie down on a bed!

Without knowing how long I was glared at, I continued to chug down health potions. The necromancer in front of me was almost out of HP under the onslaught of the Star Chasing Bow!

At this moment, with a sudden “ding dong” sound, a system prompt sounded: Your friend Last Year’s Summer has logged on!

As I expected, Summer immediately sent me a message and asked in a curious voice, “Big brother Bookworm, why haven’t you slept yet?”

I was speechless as I replied, “I’m going to sleep soon. Summer, why are you up so early?”

Summer immediately replied, “I drank too much water last night and after getting up to pee, I didn’t feel sleepy. So I just got up to level!”

When her message came, I had already finished killing the Bronze Grade necromancer Boss!


System Notification: Congratulations, you have killed Necromancer Ajiesi. You have gained 250000 experience points and 600 prestige!

I immediately went forward and pulled apart the necromancer’s

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