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Chapter 25: Scarlet Flame Sea


A light sound rang out and a damage figure appeared above Ling Yue’s head - 428!

In an instant, Ling Yue’s small mage body already could not hold on. Seeing her HP drop, she quickly drew back. Taking out a HP potion as she gave a light roar. She slightly raised her staff and a fire qi shield surrounded her!

Finally I clearly saw that there was a single monster that sneak attacked Ling Yue -

Netherworld Assassin!

I could not see the monster’s status, but from Ling Yue’s serious face, it was clear that the attack power of this monster was not small!

Ling Yue stepped backwards and created distance between her and the Netherworld Assassin. A frostbolt was shot out and the body of the Netherworld Assassin was covered in a layer of frost, it could only wave the daggers in its hands in vain.

I released a frost arrow after seeing the circumstances and it had the same effect as the mage’s frostbolt. The Netherworld Assassin could do nothing and with a few fireballs, it exploded, releasing several silver coins!

What is pity. It only gave silver coins.

I picked up the silver coins as I said, “The monsters appearing here come too suddenly. Ling Yue, you should just keep your fire qi shield going!”

Ling Yue pursed her lips and said, “I can’t, the fire qi shield takes up too much MP. It uses a 500 point blue potion every minute!”

I couldn’t help smiling as i said, “It’s fine, just keep it up. If you die, then you’ll lose a level and that’s not worth it. Relax, I also filled up on blue potions, so there should be no problems with our supplies.”

Ling Yue immediately gave a charming smile and said, “Alright then!”

So, Ling Yue kept her flame qi shield up, like this I was more relaxed. Those Netherworld Assassins didn’t have enough attack power to instant kill me, after all, I had over 1000 HP at level 27!

In the Netherworld Cavern First Floor, there were only Netherworld Warriors and Netherworld Assassins. They hid in the dark and only revealed themselves after a player approached them, which brought a little trouble for us, after all, I was an archer with leather armour. If I was a berserker and could wear bronze rank heavy armour, my defense would be around 350. If the Netherworld Warrior with their 320 attack hit a player with 350 defense, the damage would not go past 150!

But, with me and Ling Yue’s strong combined attack power, we passed through the Netherworld Cavern’s first floor quite easily. Seeing the monster corpses on the ground, my experience quickly rose and I reached level 28. More importantly, Ling Yue had finally gone from level 30 to level 31 and was incredibly happy.

Seeing the staircase leading to the second floor, Ling Yue pushed my arm and lightly said, “Bookworm, you walk in front!”

I didn’t dare reject her because this person was my direct superior and she was the young miss of the Bluestar Digital Group. If I offended her, i woul

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