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Chapter 41: White Forest Set

After filling up on potions, I walked out of Sunset City side by side with Ling Yue. We walked towards the east and travelled a far distance.

Finally, to the east of Sunset City, we found a patch of highland. This was where the Armies of Light defeated the Armies of Darkness. Countless ancient tombstones of heroes were placed on the hill for future generations to pay tribute to. Of course, since I picked to be a human, I was one of the brave warriors from the Light Clans!

Seeing the endless tombstones on the hillside, Ling Yue revealed a faint smile and said, “This place is called the Hero Memorial Park and is a very good place to level!”

I looked from afar and noticed that in between the tombstones, there were countless skeletons slowly walking around. These skeletons were covered in green mold and they had broken iron swords in their hands. They look very fierce, but moved very slowly!

[Hell Skeleton] (Normal Monster)

Level: 35

Attack: 240-295

Defense: 160

HP: 4000

Defense Type: Heavy Armour. They will receive extra damage from magic attacks.

Ling Yue did not say anything else and raised her hand to shoot out a fireball. It slammed into a Hell Skeleton who lost 1342 points of HP. It had to be said, with the Roaring Flame Staff, Ling Yue’s fire attributed magic damage was quite perverted!

“Bookworm, look!” Ling Yue giggled.

“Look at what?” I looked over.

Ling Yue lowered the Roaring Flame Staff in her hand and said with a smile, “Look at how long it’ll take the Hell Skeleton to come over here!”

I was a little surprised, but I immediately understood Ling Yue’s meaning. I saw the skeleton slowly limp over with the heavy sword in his hand. He walked step by step with a move speed that was much lower than normal people’s.

It took close to ten seconds before the Hell Skeleton arrived in front of us. Ling Yue set out another fireball to empty its HP and I shot out another armour piercing arrow to destroy it. It dropped several silver coins on the ground!

Moreover, the skeleton gave quite a bit of experience. I hesitated a little before turning around to ask, “Ling Yue, were you leveling here before?”

Ling Yun smiled and nodded, “Un, this place is quite good. The monsters all have heavy armour, so it is very quick to kill them with magic attacks! Especially after you gave me the Scarlet Flame Sea skill. It’s much easier to kill them with an AoE skill!”

I smiled, “Un, it’s good that I’ve helped you. I thought that skill book was just a piece of trash!”

Ling Yue pursed her lip into a smile, “Alright, let’s split up and level!”

She pointed left and said, “You go to that mountain and I’ll go right. We’ll kill the monsters with our AoE attack skills!”

I nodded and ran off. The two mountains were not far from each other, but there were tombstones that were all covered in spirit flames. Adding in the skeletons walking around, it looked very g

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