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Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Blue Wolf Guard

Opening the equipment ranking, the Golden Bow’s first place had been replaced with the Light Flow Sword. Moreover, the appraisal value of the Light Flow Sword was ten times higher compared to the Golden Bow and was a hundred times higher compared to the third place Bronze sword!

If other people knew that the only Gold and Silver weapons were in my hand, it would be hard to imagine what would happen. Perhaps there would even be people that would think about robbing me!

Arriving at the warehouse manager, I stored the Light Flow Sword.

Looking at the time, it was already 10 o’clock and my stomach was completely empty!

So, I logged off and took out the 1000 yuan “overnight rent” that Ling Xue left me. I took 500 out for my rent and then went down stairs. In my heart I was thinking, right now the game currency still can’t be exchanged yet, but I should open a new bank account. In a week when the game’s bank card binding function opens, I will be able to make a fortune at that time. Not to mention the Light Flow Sword, right now I was considered a high level person, even if I randomly farmed some equipment to sell, I would still earn enough to buy food and clothing without worrying!

When I came downstairs, I went into a small restaurant and sat down. I ordered two small dishes and some beer, then I began to help myself. There were pedestrians walking outside on the street and no one was familiar with one another. It really was only destiny that could bring two people together. As for me and Ling Xue, we had a fate like that. Of course, I didn’t know if she also felt this way.

“Right now Ling Xue should be eating dinner with Ling Yue……”

I couldn’t help smiling as Ling Yue and Ling Xue’s beautiful faces appeared in my mind. It was an honour for me to know this pair of stunning twins. It could really be called using three lifetime of luck and it was unknown who in this world would be lucky enough to obtain even one of them. Then my train of thought derailed and I thought about what it would be like to have both of them. Hugging Ling Xue on the left and hugging Ling Yue on the right, I would not trade anything to give this up…...

While I was having obscene thoughts, I noticed two students coming into the store. They ordered a pot of pickled vegetable fish and then began to talk. One of them said, “I’m level 24 now and I found two Dark Iron Equipment this afternoon. My attack power is very high now!”

The other one scoffed and said, “Qie! Stop bragging about a Dark Iron Weapon. I heard that there is a senior at school that found a level 18 Bronze axe, now that is broken. If I had a weapon like that, I could breakthrough to level 30 tonight!”

“Fuck, you’re only level 13, stop dreaming of rushing to level 30! Big brother will help you rush to level 18 today!”

“That’s right, do you know the female mage Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon?

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