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Chapter 30: Light Flow Sword

Fuck, Dragon Soul actually died that easily. He was still the boss of Flame Sword!

I looked over at Ling Yue and saw that she was also looking at me. We both had a trace of fear and shock in our eyes. The Skeleton King’s attack was too strong and we had no way of defending against it!

Purple Rhyme was not far away from me and she was being surrounded by Undead Knights. She gave a bitter smile to me and said, “Bookworm, I’ll be going back to the city first!”

Purple Rhyme turned into white light as she flew off to the city. She was very calm as she died!

Ghost Fire lost himself in his rage and went all out to attack the Skeleton King.

I immediately loudly shouted, “Ghost Fire, go back to the city right now!”

Ghost Fire said in a surprised voice, “I can’t. How could I just abandon you guys?”

I loudly shouted, “Stop talking, do you want to drop the Perishing Set? Go back to the city right now and wait for us, I’ll block them for you!”

Ghost Fire was suddenly scared and did not say anything else. He immediately drew back from the fight and pulled out a city return scroll. I quickly stepped forward and attracted the aggro of the Undead Knights, then I rushed towards the Skeleton King.

After a few seconds Ghost Fire successfully used the city return scroll and was sent back.

Then I started to attack the Skeleton King. Whether we would succeed would depend on these next few seconds!

Ling Yue understood my intentions and coordinated with me. She continued to shoot out fireballs at the Skeleton King’s chest, but it seemed like his HP was inexhaustible. He actually did not fall!

Finally, a crowd of Undead Knights surrounded Ling Yue and her flame qi shield was destroyed with a few attacks. The attack power of these Undead Knights were no joke.

Seeing Ling Yue turning into white light and being sent back to the city, I felt a bit of pain in my heart, but I forced it down.

I quickly dodged the Undead Knights chasing after me, while shooting out an armour piercing arrow at the Skeleton King. But the Skeleton King also rushed over with his steed and he swung his whistling sword at me!

I was very clear on the situation, my defense was worse than Dragon Soul and he was instantly killed. I would definitely be shattered to pieces the moment the sword landed!

So, I closed my eyes and shot out a final armour piercing arrow!


The moment milky white light clashed with the Skeleton King’s armour, it suddenly stopped moving. Then its body fell onto mine, bringing a heavy pressure with it!


System Notification: Congratulations, you have killed the Gold Level Boss Ten Thousand Year Old Skeleton King. You have received 400000 experience and 2000 prestige!

A golden light quickly fell and I reached level 33, but I was instantly surrounded by the Undead Knights. A sword glow shot out and my increased HP instantly turned empty!

I was startled,

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