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Chapter 39: Endless spring

After logging off at around 4 am, I slept until around 9 am. It was already late, but it was a good thing that Ling Yue promised to cover for me, so I was not rushed. After getting out of bed and washing my face, I happily walked out the door.

After arriving at the company, I punched in with my card and when I entered the office, I saw Summer sitting on the sofa. She held a small cake up to her chest and boasted, “Elder sister Bing Cha, don’t be in disbelief. I’ve already said it, I’ve seen all kinds of men. Humph, I am as matured as hard and sparkling stainless steel!”

Bing Cha was speechless, “Last time didn’t you say that you had personally taken care of it? Why is it an expert now…..”

Summer smiled and explained, “It’s not the same. For this kind of experience, you have to personally experience it!”

Bing Cha paid no attention to her and just drank her iced tea.

When I walked in, Bing Cha immediately put down the newspaper in her hand. Then she smiled and said, “Bookworm, you’re finally here!”

I needed and said, “I logged off late last night!”

Bing Cha immediately opened a webpage and said, “Take a look at this, you’re already someone famous in Spirit of Grief!”

I leaned in and was shocked to see a super popular Spirit of Grief forum post.

The post’s name was: Flames of war are flying, the Fated Clan declares war on Easily Angered Bookworm and Gentle Breeze Flying Snow!

The one who made the post was Fated Madman and the contents stated: The upright and just Fated guild had gone to the Ancient Ghost Tomb to level, but they were ambushed by two evil players that exterminated them all and these two players were Easily Angered Bookworm and Gentle Breeze Flying Snow of the level ranking list! I, Fated Madman pledge that I will make them feel regret and never let them achieve anything in Spirit of Grief!

Following close behind was a bunch of Fated players posts praising Fated’s righteousness as a symbol of justice in Sunset City. They had made me and Ling Xue seem like the most despicable devils…...

But the rumours were limited to this. There was even a person that even pointed out, “You Fated members are not clear on what kind of person you are? Do you think you can change the nature of you dogs just be fanning the flames on the forums?”

However, in the post there was a reply stickied to the top and the one who posted it was Gentle Breeze Flying Snow - Ling Xue!

Ling Xue’s reply was very short and simple, “Everyone can watch the video to see who attacked who first!”

Then there was a video attached. Opening it up, it was actually the video of me and Ling Xue directing the two groups of monsters to eliminate the Fated players. Moreover, one could clearly hear the arrogant tone that the Fated players had and it was black and white who was in the wrong.

So the Fated players once again met a crowd of criticism as countless players heroically pointed out how

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