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Chapter 33: Gentle Breeze Flying Snow

Who else could this young girl in his chest be if she wasn’t Ling Xue?

I looked up and saw Ling Xue’s ingame name “Gentle Breeze Flying Snow” above her head. Doesn’t this go along with her sister Ling Yue’s Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon”?

Like this, I was even more sure. So I excitedly said, “Ling Xue, is that really you?”

Ling Xue revealed a charming smile and then quickly looking behind her before saying, “Little fool! The boss was led out by me, let’s quickly run away~!”

As I was astonished, I heard a low roar and then the door to the arena was smashed open!

A cruel aura instantly filled the air and we saw a fierce boss holding a giant blood coloured sword killing his way out!

[Blue Wolf King] (Dark Iron Grade Boss)

Level: 30

Attack: 275-360

Defense: 150

HP: 40000

Attack Type: Knockback

I was a little surprised because it had already appeared!

At this moment, my five party members were angrily shouting, “Easily Angered Bookworm, what are you hesitating for? That woman is not anything good!”

I pulled Ling Yue up and then turned around to fire an armour piercing arrow. The white glow slammed into the Berserker’s chest plate and he did not even have time to react before he was instantly killed by the armour piercing arrow. The 1540 damage shocked the other Berserker to the point where his face turned pale.

Ling Xue’s beautiful face turned cold as she angrily said, “You idiots! Did you really think this girl would be taken care of if you pushed me in with the boss?”

Right as her voice fell, Ling Yue had already shot out. The sword in her hand released a cold glow and it cut right past the nape of the cleric’s neck. Instantly blood flowed. This was the cleric’s weak point and he had immediately turned into white light as he was sent back to the city!

The other berserker’s face turned white in fright as he loudly shouted, “Fuck! Easily Angered Bookworm and that girl are together. Brothers, let’s get them!”

Before he finished talking, the three second cooldown of my armour piercing arrow finished ticking. The Golden Bow’s bowstring sounded out a snow white glow pierced into his chest plate. Blood sprayed out and he was also instantly killed!

At the same time, Ling Yue’s beautiful figure flashed again and she killed another magician with two slashes!

The final magician moved back with a face of fear, but he didn’t notice the Blue Wolf Guards surrounding him. In the end, he was ripped apart to pieces and dropped a potion on the ground!

I couldn’t help being a little surprised because I never would have thought that Ling Yue would become a close combat Job like swordsman. It seemed like she wasn’t just a gentle and docile Persian cat, rather she was a small stray cat that could become very angry!

The bronze armour Ling Xue wore glowed. This equipment had some changes for female players, becoming more elegant. It perfectl

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