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Chapter 38: Roaring Flame Staff


System Notification: The Spirit General has used the skill - [Heaven Shocking Earth Tremble]!

The air was filled with rocks falling down on them and there were rock spires that stuck out of the ground continuously, sending the Fated players flying into the air. Many of the low HP mages were directly stabbed by the rock spires and their blood flowed down the rock spire as they turned into white light and returned to the city!

I was completely shocked. Damn, it was a good thing the Fated players came! If not, the ones that would have had to face this boss’ last ditch skill would be me and Ling Xue!

The result was, looking at the pitiful scene in front of her, Ling Xue gave a regretful laugh, “Turn on the camera, this is a beautiful scene!”

I said, “I already turned it on ten minutes ago……”

In a blink of an eye, the Fated players had mostly been taken care of, with only a few mages sending their dying counterattacks. Even the clerics were killed by the Spirit Warriors and Fated Madman looked at Ling Xue and I with a fierce gaze after losing his final advantage and said, “This account, father will get payback for. You just wait!”


The spear in the hand of a Spirit Warrior pierced through Fated Madman’s chest and with a miserable groan, he was sent back to the city!

Then in less than half a minute, the Fated players died one after the other, leaving not a single person alive. This also meant, from this one fight, all the Fated players had lost a level!

Ling Xue smiled and said, “That person is quite vicious. Little fool, how did you annoy them to this point?”

I said, “They stole my thing, so I beat them up once. Then we became enemies…..”

“Oh, so it’s like this!” Ling Xue revealed a faint smile and then pointed into the distance. She smiled and said, “Then, pull the boss over. We will now reap the benefits!”

I laughed and carefully moved closer. Nocking an arrow into the Golden Bow, I shot an ice arrow right into the Spirit General’s chest, but it was inevitable that I also pulled over 7 little monsters.

The Spirit General had finished releasing his Heaven Shocking Earth Tremble skill, so he immediately threw his sword at me. I quickly turned to run and said to Ling Xue, “I’ll pull the boss away, you should take care of the little monsters first!”

Ling Xue happily nodded and raised the Light Flow Sword as she rushed out. With the twinkling of the sharp sword, a Spirit Warrior’s HP instantly dropped by half!

Although I knew that Ling Xue’s attack was very strong, it still hurt seeing it first hand. With this kind of terrifying weapon, it would be hard for Ling Xue not to enter the level rankings!

In less than a few minutes, Ling Xue had already killed off all the Spirit Warriors. She had already turned her attention onto the Spirit Warrior boss!

The current Spirit General only had a sliver of health left, but he would not fall

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