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Chapter 47: Star Chasing Bow

I was also filled with joy because I never thought that a bow could by this strong, however when I saw the level requirement, my heart immediately fell. It was actually a piece of level 45 equipment. When would I be able to use it?

As if she could see my thoughts, Ling Xue smiled and said, “Little fool, don’t be disappointed. We’ll talk about it again after we appraise it in the city!”

I nodded and said to the three girls, “Then let’s go back to the city. If you want to see the stats, then you can come with me. If not then have a good bath and I wish you a good night!”

Ling Yue and Purple Rhyme both revealed a smile and said together, “Of course we’ll go and see it!”

So, we returned to the city together.

A flash of light appeared. It was getting close to midnight, there were still many players that had shops set up. It could be seen how popular this game was, it had only been open three days, but there was a crazy influx of over a hundred million players. For the failing gaming industry, it could be seen how much of an effect it had!

I directly went over to the appraiser. When I arrived, I found that the three girls were already there waiting for me. Ling Xue was currently getting the Lunar Shadow Cloak appraised.

After the appraiser received the fifty gold coins, Ling Xue shared the stats of the Lunar Shadow Cloak with us.

[Lunar Shadow Cloak] (Gold Equipment - Heavy Armour)

Defense: 128

Strength: +18

Vitality: +14

Additional Stat: Increases user’s move speed by 10%.

Required level: 35

Everyone immediately gave a gasp. This cloak really was worthy of being a piece of Gold Equipment, it actually increased the user’s move speed!

It had to be known that move speed was a very important state for close combat fighters. Although it was only a 10% increase, it would already be enough to make Ling Xue unstoppable in terms of pking. Whether it was being aggressive or retreating, the enemies will not be able to escape or run away, unable to fight back!

So, Ling Xue revealed a full smile as she equipped the Lunar Shadow Cloak. Seeing a flash of light, the blue coloured cloak danced in the wind behind the little beauty. It matched her snow white beautiful face, adding a heroic aura to her beauty!

Like this, Ling Xue felt satisfied. Without even having the time to appraise the Strong Gale set items, she said to me, “Little Fool, quickly appraise your new weapon!”

I nodded and placed the Star Chasing Bow on the appraiser’s table. He was immediately shocked and reached out a stiff hand to touch the Star Chasing Bow as he excitedly said, “Divine Item! It really is a Divine Item!”

I was a little surprised. Was this actually a Divine Item?

This was just nonsense. If a Divine Item really appeared now, Spirit of Grief could go bankrupt right away!

The old appraiser was excited for a long time and continued to praise the Star Chasing Bow. After a fe

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