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Fated Madman suddenly took out a long sword. This is also an iron sword. It looks like a white colour regular item, and there was no colour on it. Fated Bloodthirsty also took out a dagger, and it also look like a white colour regular item.

Seeing that my face seemed to drop at the sight of them flashing their weapons, Fated Madman laughed out loud, “You have seen for yourself, there are three of us, but only one of you. If you are willing to sell that weapon, I am prepared to pay a high price. But if you are not willing to sell, then you better not blame me for ‘conducting a very unprofitable transaction’ ….”

Looks that this battle could not be avoided. This Fated Madman seemed to have lost his senses as he looked at my axe.

I smiled and replied, “Since it is like this, let’s not waste time and begin the battle, my time is very precious!”

Fated Madman immediately gripped his iron sword tightly, while remarking, “You do not know how to appreciate our kindness!”

At this time, the beautiful Fated Turbulence grabbed Fated Madman’s hand and shouted, “Brother! Why did you go back on your words? Didn’t you told me that you will be a good man in this <> game? Why are you seeking trouble?”

Fated Madman laughed sinisterly, “This kid did not understand that we are doing him a favour and is too arrogant! I just want to teach him a lesson!”

Fated Turbulence looked heartbroken as she walked to one side, and sticked out her tongue, “Then you do it yourself! I am not going to participate!”

“Relax! Bloodthirsty and I are more than enough to take care of him!”

Fated Madman looked at me in the eye, and remarked, “This little bird is too green, I did not even put him in my eyes!”

“He He!” I secretly smiled and with a cold heart, I attacked him with my axe!


A piece of mud was sliced into two, but my axe did not even touch Fated Madman!

At the same time, Fated Madman eyes were full of contempt as he laughed, “This is definitely a newbie! Bloodthirsty, let’s finish him!”

The iron sword retaliated against me. At the same time, Fated Bloodthirsty had reached my right flank and his dagger hit me.

“Puff Puff~!”

There was a slight pain, and two numbers appeared from the top of my head, “-24, -32”!

At this time, both Fated Madman and Fated Bloodthirsty seemed to be shocked as they exclaimed, “What the fuck? Such a high defence!”

The combined damage from these two men did not even take out 25% of my hit points. This surprised them. At the same time, for attacking a player, their name become change to grey colour, indicating that they are player killers. This is the exact moment I was waiting for!


This time, my shiny war axe hit Fated Bloodthirsty on his chest. I heard a clear sound of weapon landing on him, and he was sent flying with just one hit! What is even more amazing is that he had not yet landed on the ground before a flash of white light respawn him back in the beginner

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