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A moment later, the powerful poison spit instantly killed most of the players in the area. Their defence was really too low. As for me, my 35 defence could barely resist the attack. Each time it hit, it does an incredible “-150” points of damage. I was so scared that I wolfed down the expensive light healing potion that cure 300 points of damage.

The healing potions do not instantly restore all hit points immediately. Instead, each healing potion only restores 150 hit points, and the remaining 150 hit points are restored over time.

Although I was in a precocious situation, I was elated. My heartbeat could not help but quicken and I could hear it beating in rhythmical tune“pa pa pa pa…”. This new boss had spawned near me, and I still have several bottles of healing potions.

I stole a quick look at the characteristic of the boss

【Golden Slime King】(Bronze Level Boss)





Special Attack:Long distance poison spit.


The attack score of this boss is really scary, with a max attack of 150. Just a normal attack would wipe out 150 points of my life. And the health of this boss is a huge question mark, and only God knows how much hit points it has.

The shiny war axe also hit the slime King on its head, and the creature who was as big as a tank seemed to bounce back in pain. From the top of its head, a massive number appear “-135”!

Hehe! Yes! Look likes my attack is still effective against its defence. Luckily I have allocated all my attribute points into strength. After all, the best defence is a good offence. In any role-playing game, the one who kill the other party first always wins.

At the same time, the slime King spat out another glob of poison, and my hit points dropped by a whopping -167! That was half of my hit points!

Again I wolf down a healing potion. I refused to retreat, and my shiny war axe continued to wave its dance of destruction!

After ten mins, the slime king’s health had dropped to about 90%. Looks like the hit points of this creature was not too scary. But my problem is that my potions were disappearing like water. I have very few potions left.

Suddenly, I saw that there was a massive group of players from afar who were rushing towards me and the slime boss. I took a look at them, and my heart turned cold.

Each of the people in this group of players coincidentally has the words “Fated” in their names. It looks like the “Fated” clan had all gathered here, and there were close to 300 of them!

This Fated clan is really a powerful group, to have such a big presence in the beginner’s village!

Seeing the group of men did not come with good intentions, I immediately stop fighting the Golden Slime King and ran away towards the forest.

But at this time, I saw a man who separated from the group of players, and shouted out aloud, “So you cowardly cat had decided to run? Not so easy! Brothers, help me kill him. That is the

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