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Showing Off For the First Time!

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

A few people walked out from the forest. Two were Berserkers, two were Assassins and three were Magicians!

Looking over, I was quite surprised- it was my ‘old friends’, people from the Fated Clan. The person walking in front of the rest of the group was the Fated Clan’s head, Fated Madman!

Fated Madman immediately recognised Purple Rhyme and myself, and his face darkened, “So enemies are destined to butt heads, eh? This is quite a small world!”

Purple Rhyme coldly replied, “Cut the crap! There was no enmity originally between Fated and Sword Flame, but you guys started to cause trouble for us!”

Fated Madman harrumphed, “Sword Flame? Hmph, yesterday, we weren’t prepared, but today I want to see how you two will escape from us!”

Fated Madman turned to the three Magicians by his side and began to give orders, “First get rid of the Priest, and then I’ll get rid of the boy myself!”

I looked over, and saw that Fated Madman’s equipment were all pretty decent. He had an axe that was rippling with light, which was probably a Bronze grade piece of equipment. He was also wearing four pieces of armour, all of which had bonus stats. The lowest grade was probably Steel. The three Magicians had decent equipment as well, and from the looks of them, they seemed to be mid-high level players!

Purple Rhyme tightly gripped her staff and said in a low voice, “Shu Sheng, our odds don’t look too good this time. Try to escape while I stall for time!”

I couldn’t help but smile, “No need, if someone should stay, that should be me. If I ran off by myself, how could I face Dragon Soul and Punisher?”

Purple Rhyme helplessly smiled, and nodded, “Then we’ll die together…”

I laughed, “There’s no need for that!”

“Eh?” Purple Rhyme seemed shocked, as if she wanted to ask something.

I had already started moving. The Lightwave Dagger was already in my hands as I charged forwards, stabbing towards Fated Madman’s chest.

Fated Madman was also shocked by my actions. He never expected that I would make the first move, and so suddenly as well. As such, he immediately gave the order, “Kill him immediately!”

However, the moment the dagger was about to reach him, my body suddenly stopped, and I was unable to attack him.


A fireball had flown over and crashed into my chest!

The three Magicians had pretty high Attack, and every fireball dealt about 150 HP. However, with my monstrous 920 HP, how could I be killed so easily?

I quickly gulped down a red potion, and changed the direction I was running- it was obvious who my target was.

Fated Madman must have thought that I was an Assassin. He spun around with his axe while furiously yelling, “Earth-Splitting Slash!”


A fiery light flew over, and a damage figure of 45 rose up above my head.

I couldn’t help but laugh. After all, the Red Flame Equipment Set was a set of LV25 Bronz

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