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Chapter 24: Netherworld Warrior

“Roar, roar~!”

A low and deep roar could be heard, as the ground in front of him exploded with a “bang”. A white arm came out of the ground and followed by a skeletal body covered in rags which crawled out of the ground. There were traces of light in the empty holes of its skull as it stared at me and Ling Yue.

The monster suddenly appearing scared me and I even quickly withdrew two steps, making sure Ling Yue was behind me.

Ling Yue seemed to be satisfied with my performance as she lightly smiled and said, “Bookworm’s courage isn’t bad!”

I thought in my heart: Fuck, my legs are already trembling and it’s not bad…...

I didn’t say much as I quickly looked at the skeleton’s stats -

[Skeleton Warrior] (Normal Monster)

Level: 30

Attack: 245-280

Defense: 60

HP: 1500

Attack type: Weakening attacks, weakens the targets defense by 25%.


I was slightly startled, “God! It has 280 attack, how terrifying!”

Ling Yue pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Bookworm, look at its HP and defense again!”

I instantly understood. This kind of undead monster had low HP and weak defense, it only had strong attack power!

So, I quickly took out an iron arrow and shot a ice arrow at it!


A 724 damage figure above the Skeleton Warrior’s head. Without any hesitation, I shot another fire arrow and this time a 879 damage figure appeared!

“Wu, wu, wu……:”

The Skeleton Warrior didn’t even have the time to make a move and it had already been defeated!

Ling Yue was slightly surprised. Her little mouth opened as she said, “Good fellow. Bookworm, you have a really high physical attack power!”

The implied meaning was that she didn’t have a low magical attack power?

I got the hint and smiled as I said, “Ling Yue, do you want to try?”

Ling Yue gave a snappy smile. Then she raised her hand and threw a fireball at the head of a Skeleton Soldier!


Instant kill! She had skilled a level 30 monster with a single hit!

No wonder Ling Yue wanted to level here. Her fire magic was actually this powerful!

Ling Yue looked at me and laughed as she said, “With just our party of two, we have quite a bit of fire power!”

I couldn’t say anything. This kind of two man party, not to mention our burst power, our attack power was probably enough for us to take over the world!

So, the farming process was very easy. With me in front exploring and Ling Yue following close behind me, the fireball flew through the air, killing all the monsters that appeared. My flame arrow also shot out once in awhile, but compared to the Ling Yue’s fireball’s, its power was a little bit lacking. But it was still enough to kill the level 30 Skeleton Warriors in a two hits.

The experience bar slowly increased and almost each monster gave over 1000 experience points. Occasionally there were monsters that dropped potions and Ling Yue would always anxiously

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