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“Lingyu, when we suddenly set out for planet 12534, I completely forgot about my online courses!” Ren Sheng suddenly remembered something. While he was in the universe, he couldn’t connect to Capital Star’s starnet and when they came back, there was a celebration banquet so he almost forgot about it.

“I will accompany you to class. After class, we will go to pilot the virtual warship.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Yes!” Ren Sheng nodded his head.

Ren Sheng learned the preschooler children curriculum, only to learn some general knowledge. So it was basically only playing games and so on, so even if he didn’t go to class for nearly a month, the impact wouldn’t be great. After sending Ren Sheng to class, Zhao Lingyu simply clicked on a childcare class and paid for a lesson to go to class.

“Boss?” Wu Shuai, who was holding a virtual child, was very excited to see Zhao Lingyu and accidentally pinched the virtual child in his arms a little heavier than he intended, which immediately caused the crying sound of an alarm of the child being injured.

After taking a look at the virtual doll in Wu Shuai’s hands, Zhao Lingyu made a decision – his children mustn’t be left in his care!

“This is the boss?” Ellie beside him was also surprised. She was already clueless about what she should do with the child in her arms and also made a mistake, shoving the bottle into the baby’s mouth a little too far.

The baby’s cries rang out once again.

Zhao Lingyu’s face was expressionless as he found a place to sit down and decided to rely on his own ability.

Virtual babies were as big as real babies and would cry out immediately if something was off and also needed to be coaxed all the time. At first Zhao Lingyu thought it was easy and only after trying it, he realized it was actually very difficult.

“Boss, it is said that these virtual babies are made with reference to the most difficult child to bring up and they are even a collection of the data of several difficult children. So as long as you can take care of it well, you won’t have to worry about taking care of your own child, but…“ Wu Shuai came up to Zhao Lingyu.

“But what?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“It is said that after learning this course, many people have decided to not have children! Of course, those who would do so are ordinary people.” Wu Shuai said.

Now that the life expectancy of ordinary people reached two hundred years and the age of childbearing was almost at 100 years. During such a long period of time, if you are willing to give birth you could have many, many children. But some people liked children while others didn’t, so they chose to not have any.

Thanks to those people, the Human Federation’s population growth could always be controlled.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t speak, but learned even more seriously. He already has children… four of them, so if he didn’t learn well, he was afraid that he would have no way to take care of the children in the future.

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