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It was supposed to be a funny scene, but Zhao Lingyu only felt distressed. For all that happened just now, he didn’t understand the specific reason, but he knew that Ren Sheng did it for his own good.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, he was taking care of Ren Sheng and helping him, but Ren Sheng has done more for him. If it wasn’t for him, he might have really become a piece of dirt.

This time Zhao Lingyu’s movements were so gentle, that even he didn’t know that he was capable of such gentle movements.

“Can’t you just hurry up? Why are you so slow?” Ren Sheng closed his eyes to rest for a while, and opened them again just to glare at Zhao Lingyu in dissatisfaction. He wanted to finish quickly so he could rest! But Zhao Lingyu being so slow was too troubling!


When Zhao Lingyu finished, the person beneath him had already started to fall asleep. But even as he was falling asleep, Ren Sheng did not forget to suck little brother clean.

There are really many, many things to adapt to when you fall in love with someone of a different species. The Marshal suddenly felt that his knowledge was insufficient.

Finding a new quilt to cover Ren Sheng, Zhao Lingyu tried holding Ren Sheng for a good rest, but suddenly felt that something was wrong – the sky was already bright.

After dressing and opening the door, Zhao Lingyu, who had been working all night, went to find something to eat and met his mother waiting outside.

“Where are the children?” Shen Qiushi seeing her son, quickly asked like she had spent only one night without them, but a year and half?

Wasn’t the children locked in the incubator and covered with a quilt? Zhao Lingyu’s paralyzed face didn’t let any emotions out. “I will bring them out.”

“Well hurry Ren up as well. I’ve asked the kitchen to cook something delicious for him, let’s all go eat together.” Shen Qiushi also missed her daughter in law.

“Ren is a little sick, I’ll just go get him some food.

“Wasn’t he just fine yesterday? How come he suddenly is not feeling well? Is it the after-effects of sudden growth?” Shen Qiushi instantly got worried and was about to go inside.

Shen Qiushi became a little suspicious, but suddenly thought of something. “Ren is tired?”

Zhao Lingyu nodded his head.

Shen Qiushi immediately felt relieved. She was sure that her child would not have a problem in this and now look how tired Ren Sheng was!

Wait… Shen Qiushi’s expression changed again.

How old was Ren Sheng? Her son seems to not understand what moderation means and he also brought the children into the room last night! Was he like her husband and his father?

“You’ve gone too far! You must not bully Ren in the future.” Shen Qiushi looked at her son with dissatisfaction. Her son seemed a little too beastly…

Zhao Lingyu nodded, of course he would not bully Ren Sheng.

Her own son even admitted it…

Zhao Lingyu casually ate a few bites, then took the food for Ren Sheng back

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