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Pulling back his thoughts, Zhao Lingyu hugged Ren Sheng. “Ren, thank you.”

“Why do you say thank you?” Ren Sheng was a little confused

“Thank you for giving me four children.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“I gave birth to them for myself. You don’t have to thank me.” Ren Sheng patted himself on the chest.

There was a smile on Zhao Lingyu’s face and at the same time, he couldn’t help touching Ren Sheng’s face. Ren Sheng was pregnant and everyone thought he had done some ‘beastly’ things to him. Should he make it a fact?

Thinking of this, Zhao Lingyu’s body couldn’t help becoming hot, but seeing Ren Sheng’s dark and simple eyes, he felt like a basin of cold water was poured on him.

Ren Sheng’s attention had already shifted to the four eggs. After they entered the room, the four eggs popped up on top of the golden crystals, looking very well-behaved.

“They really like this thing.” Ren Sheng couldn’t help saying.

Zhao Lingyu used the hyperwave device to shine onto a few of the eggs, and saw that the face of the children were full of satisfaction. Then he turned the device to the other two children and also found that they had the same expression. “This should be useful for them.”

“I thought so too.” Ren Sheng nodded. “But Auntie said to put them in the incubator.”

“Then let’s put some crystals in the incubator?” Zhao Lingyu quickly got an idea.

“Good.” Ren Sheng nodded, took out the cushion from the incubator, tore it open without hesitation, and then looked at Zhao Lingyu: “Break this crystal stone quickly, and then we will put it in.”

Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu worked together and quickly replaced the cushions in the four incubators with broken pieces of crystal. At this time, the eggs were finally willing to stay inside.

“Would you like to make a cushion for you too? Or carry a few pieces on your body?” Thinking of Ren Sheng’s love for this kind of crystal stone before, Zhao Lingyu asked.

“I can’t absorb the energy inside, it’s useless for me even if I want to.” Ren Sheng said.

“You can’t absorb the energy inside?” Zhao Lingyu asked curiously.

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Zhao Lingyu hugged Ren Sheng and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Let’s go to bed early.”

Ren Sheng went straight into Zhao Lingyu’s arms.

Shen Qiushi didn’t sleep all night and early in the morning, she started wandering outside Zhao Lingyu’s room.

“What are you doing up so early?” Zhao Peng looked at his wife speechlessly.

“Don’t I have a lot of things to discuss with our son here? Your son even turned off his communicator; he is too irresponsible!” Shen Qiushi wanted to call her son up last night to discuss the marriage, but couldn’t contact Zhao Lingyu.

Of course, she could knock on the door, but Ren Sheng just gave birth to the children. If she knocked on his door in the middle of night, wouldn’t she become an evil mother-in-law?

“…” Zhao Peng suddenly hugged his wife. “I don’t think they will

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