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Fang Chengjun didn’t hate Gerd.

Although Gerd has been targeting him, he would not use any intrigue and every time it would be a head-on conflict, so he could easily block it. Sometimes, in fact, he looked forward to Gerd challenging him.

Probably because of this, when his pregnancy pill was robbed by Gerd, he was not angry at all. But when he saw Zhou Lingyu and Ren Sheng’s expressions, he couldn’t help gloating a little.

Anyway, he wasn’t as anxious as Gerd to give birth to a child. Since this was the case, je would wait and see the effect on Gerd first.

Seeing Gerd looking at him smugly, Fang Chengjun smiled faintly. “Having a baby is not something you do by yourself, are you sure you can find someone?”

“How can I not find anyone?!” Gerd looked at Fang Chengjun with an ugly expression. Although he had once been robbed of someone he liked by Fang Chengjun, he had also had other women, so how could he not find someone to give birth to his child now?

“The provider of the other half of your children’s genes, you wouldn’t find someone random, right?” Fang Chengjun asked again.

“Of course not! For my wife, I definitely want to find the best one!” Gerd said without hesitation, also pondering a little. He spent most of his time researching battleships and recently added in mechs, so his acquaintances were few. Originally he wanted to pick one from his subordinates to give birth to his children, but now that he thought about it, he didn’t want those women to give birth to his children.

The mother of his children, was something he should consider carefully.

In the meantime, he can help the First Legion upgrade their warships.

Gerd has always been a man of his word. Since he promised, he wouldn’t go back on his words so now he went directly to the First Legion’s station.

Zhao Lingyu had not gone to the First Legion since the wedding. So naturally, he now received a lot of attention, but most of the people’s attention was still on Ren Sheng.

Didn’t they say that Ren Sheng was a Kay? Why has he suddenly grown taller?

Other people paying attention to Ren Sheng was something that Zhao Lingyu also noticed. Holding Ren Sheng’s hand tightly, he couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

He didn’t want others to find out that Ren Sheng was different, but there were some things that he could just not hide. After all, he couldn’t always keep Ren Sheng at home.

Gerd upgraded the warship by adding metal reinforcement to the warship or repairing some worn parts. It was something that was a big project for the army engineers to do, but it was very simple for him because of his metal ability.

Of course even if it was simple, it was still very energy consuming, because of the size of the warship. Even if he used up all his ability, he might not be able to repair a warship… recovery consumes more powers than destruction.

After repairing a scout ship from start to finish, Gerd sat down next to it exhausted. “Zhao

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