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Chapter 68 – Award and Provocation

No matter how much uproar Crohn caused in Ruoya, the upper circle of Capital Star was already very restless at this time.

The things that happened before in the Zhao family were already amazing enough and now adding things such as a higher civilization, men having children, and so on…

There were too many unscientific things!

It was just that it was not scientific, so for some people, it was something that made them both frightened and angry.

Yang Ye has no time to care about his wife anymore. He and his father, who was no longer the head of the family, kept walking back and forth and the more they thought about it, the more frightened they felt.

They offended Zhao Lingyu a long time ago. In the past, although Zhao Lingyu was good, the Yang family and the Locke family were not bad either, so they were not afraid, but now…

The Ged and Fang family were already on Zhao Lingyu’s side and Zhao Lingyu even sucked up to thehigher civilization.

If it goes on like this, will the Yang family and the Locke family still have a foothold?

In the end, the Yang family contacted the head of the Locke family and the two sides discussed for a long time, but they couldn’t come up with anything. Finally, Yang Ye’s wife suddenly said, “Zhao Lingyu said that only he could cultivate those herbs, but who doesn’t know that Ren Sheng is a plant ability user? In my opinion, these potions and pills have been made by that Ren Sheng. Didn’t you hear the news that even Elder Teng called him ‘master’?

“This… Elder Teng should be doing this for some benefit.” Even if Ren Sheng grows up inexplicably these days, hewas still too young in their eyes. How could such a young man really be Elder Teng’s master?

“Who is Elder Teng? Could he call Ren Sheng master because the Zhao family is powerful? If that was the case, ElderFang wouldn’t have waited for so many years.” Yang Ye’s wife knew that Yang Ye had always looked down on Ren Sheng, but shedidn’t.

Yang Ye had a feeling of enlightenment, but couldn’t help but frown just a moment later. “Even so, what can we do now?”

“You can sow discord between Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu. It’s best if these two separate or find someone to seduce Ren Sheng and let him abandon Zhao Lingyu.”Yang Ye’s wife had such an idea. She doesn’t know anything about politics,but as a girl who was bent onmarrying into a wealthy family, she was very good at house fighting.

According to Yang Ye’s idea, of course he would rather kidnap Ren Sheng or kill him, but Zhao Lingyu protected him so well… How could he do it casually? Besides, he was afraidto do it.

While Yang Ye and others wanted to sow discord between Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng, the Zhao family was having dinner. Sitting at the dinner table was the Zhao family, Elder Teng, Crohn, and Corbien.

Feng Kexin had already gone back. Now that Zhao Lingyu had told all the news, she could say there was naturally no need for

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