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“Lingyu, you’re up?” Sensing the movement around him, Ren Sheng immediately opened his eyes to reveal a smile.

He was now very comfortable and his whole body felt soothed.

When Zhao Lingyu first came in last night, he was in a bit of pain, but soon after he tried to run his spiritual energy, the pain completely disappeared. Not only that, he also found that his energy could be connected inside with Zhao Lingyu’s.

The energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body was very chaotic and strong, but there was also a huge piece of refined soil that he coveted. After the two spiritual energies connected, some ‘things’ were transferred and a certain part entered his body.

Transferring energy into the body was painful, but also very comfortable at the same time. Their cultivation has also increased. Ren Sheng was satisfied with this.

No, he still had some dissatisfaction… Zhao Lingyu didn’t cultivate properly but always moved!

It was not impossible to cultivate while moving, but he was not very skilled, so Zhao Lingyu definitely became distracted when he moved and he also couldn’t help but want to move along, so he could not cultivate.

“Got up.” Zhao Lingyu said, looking at Ren Sheng with some surprise.

He had already looked at Ren Sheng and could tell he was almost three centimeters taller and his skeleton was also slightly larger. The overall look of the whole person was also bigger. Although three centimeters was not much they only did it once, so if they went at this rate, after doing it ten times it would be thirty centimeters!

Wait… Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought of one thing.

Although Ren Sheng looked small, he was not small. If he grew another thirty centimeters it would be nothing at 1,8m, they would be matching. But if he continued to grow…

If Ren Sheng kept growing and became a giant…

Zhao Lingyu was shocked by his own hypothesis.

Ren Sheng has not found out about his situation yet, as he said, “Lingyu in the future when we double cultivate like last night, do not do it like last night. You should not move as much as last night and you don’t need to touch me all the time, It was distracting and even a little painful.” Ren Sheng pointed to his own small Ren Sheng below with his fingers. Zhao Lingyu’s strength was not small and because he didn’t stop, his skin was rubbed raw.

Friction can produce pleasure so it was not surprising that he couldn’t move, but to also not touch… Zhao Lingyu suddenly felt that it was necessary for him to take Ren Sheng to see an adult movie so that the two of them would not be so tragic.

“Didn’t you also get hard yesterday? Is it uncomfortable?” Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but ask.

“Comfortable! But cultivation is more important.” Ren Sheng said. He was very comfortable with Zhao Lingyu yesterday, but it was so strange that he almost let his essence flow out. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and used his spiritual power to plug the hole below himself then absorbed it again!

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