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Chapter 67 – Discovering Spiritual Power

There was no spiritual energy in this world. Ren Sheng has always felt very uncomfortable about it. If it wasn’t for the refined soil in Zhao Lingyu’s body, he as a spiritual plant wouldn’t be able to stand it for long.

But now, has someone actually felt spiritual power?

If there was enough spiritual power, he wouldn’t need the refined soil when planting spiritual plants and spiritual plants could be planted on a large scale. It would also be much easier for Zhao Lingyu to cultivate successfully.

Suddenly his eyes widened, Ren Sheng looked at Crohn and eagerly asked. “You came across it somewhere.”

Crohn originally did not like Ren Sheng because he couldn’t feel any energy coming from his body and didn’t want to answer his question, but then he suddenly thought about the fact that the Pregnancy Pill needed to be refined by Ren Sheng. So now he twisted his original expression into a smile. “I accidentally felt it near the dark abyss, but although the energy there is similar to here, it is much more tyrannical. No, I think these two energies should be different.”

There were many magical places in the universe. Although some places were magical, they have been explored over time, but there were still some places that no one could find details about.

For example, this dark abyss, which was said to be an abyss, was actually a vortex like Nebula formed by many stars in an area under special gravitational force. If you just passed around the nebula, you won’t lose your life as long as you don’t get too close. But if you passed through the area above the nebula that has no stars or planets… you don’t even have to think about it, you were bound to be sucked into the whirlpool.

The whirlpool looked dark and over time, it became known as the ‘dark abyss.’

Ren Sheng became much more curious. “What is it like? Is that dark abyss far away?”

“It might as well be very far for you, it is not a place that can be easily approached.” Crohn said. This man in front of him was just refining pills at home. Just what exactly was the principle behind these pills?

If it hadn’t been for the fact that Gerd had a baby in his belly and he secretly scanned and determined that Gerd was a man, Crohn wouldn’t have believed that there was really something like a Pregnancy Pill.

Ren Sheng was suddenly depressed. Zhao Lingyu pulled him behind him and changed the subject. “What does Mr. Crohn think of this medicine garden?”

“These plants are all new to me. However, using these plants to make the Nourishing Potions, I believe it. But what about the Pregnancy Pill?”

“It takes a lot of energy to refine the Pregnancy Pill and after taking the Pregnancy Pill, it willopen up a separate place where children can be conceived in the eater’s body.” Zhao Lingyu explained. These days while looking up information in the dictionary, he studied all the pills in Ren Sheng’s hand.

Ren Sheng had read a

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