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Chapter 66.2 – The Pregnancy Pill is Released

No, it’s not time to think about it. What they should be most concerned about is how Gerd got pregnant.

Ren Sheng’s origin was unknown. Laying four eggs at the same time, they could only think his race was somehow special, but Gerd… The Human Federation had a record of his genes. He was a man, so how could he get pregnant?

The only people who knew were Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu.

Gerd was unexpectedly pregnant and it seemed that Fang Chengjun was a father. Ren Sheng looked at the two men curiously and had no idea what was going on.

These two people were together and even have children together, so why did they behave socoldly? If he was Gerd, hewould jump on Fang Chengjun. No, Gerd seems to be taller than Fang Chengjun? It would be weird if he jumped on Fang Chengjun.

Ren Sheng only thought about these things, but Zhao Lingyu had even more things to think about.

From the first time he met with Crohn, he was analyzing his intention and at this time, he finally found some problems.

Crohn seems to attach great importance to children.

Crohn, who had wanted to see his children before, was now paying extraordinary attention to Gerd’s pregnancy.

Zhao Lingyu originally wanted to use Nourishing Potions to trade with higher civilization, after allNourishing Potions have many effects. Just conditioning the body and delaying aging makes it difficult to resist it, but now it seems that maybe a Pregnancy Pillwould be more valuable in Crohn’s eyes?

It was also true that ability users were created by them, so the problems encountered by the human ability users may be even more serious for them.

Thinking of this, Zhao Lingyu gave Ren Sheng a soothing look and then stood out. “Mr. Crohn, I think I know what’s going on with these two kids.”

“What’s going on?” Crohn looked at Zhao Lingyu.

“Mr. Gedate the Pregnancy Pill I gave him.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Pregnancy Pill?” Crohn repeated the pronunciation.

“That’s right, it’s Pregnancy Pill. As long as you eat a Pregnancy Pill and have sex with anyone, you will be able to get pregnant. If you eat several pills, you will be able to have several babies.” Zhao Lingyu said. “Ren Sheng ate four pills and gave birth to four children. and before that, Gerd took two.” His and Reng Sheng children were special so he couldn’t let Crohn look at them casually. In that case, it was a good idea to divert his attention with Gerd.

Pushing the cause of pregnancy to the Pregnancy Pill will make people pay less attention to Ren Sheng.

“Is there really such a thing?” Crohn suddenly released a strong aura, but soon sucked it back again, then looked apologetically at Gerd. “Sorry, I was too excited.” He almost hurt a pregnant woman. No, pregnant man, it’s unforgivable!

“There is such a thing, but the ingredients needed are very precious.” Zhao Lingyu said. “Before Mr. Ged helped me upgrade the First Legion’s warships and I o

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