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Yang Ye looked at the man at the other end of the communication device and it took him a lot of effort to reveal a dry smile. “Mr. Corbien are you on Capital Star?” Corbien could contact him directly… could it mean that the star pirate came to Capital Star?

The Human Federation admiral and a star pirate had a connection. If this was known… Yang Ye already felt a killing intent for this man in front of him.

“You want to kill me? Give it up.” Corbien looked at Yang Ye with a smirk, while passing over a document. “In view of the fact that your mind went in direction it shouldn’t, you should give me six bottles of this nourishing potion.”

Inside the document that Corbien passed over, many of the things that Yang Ye had done were recorded. Yang Ye just glanced at it and couldn’t help but draw a cold breath.

“I’ve been merciful enough. If not for your wife’s pregnancy, I wouldn’t even leave a bottle for you.” Corbien looked at Yang Ye with a raised eyebrow and sent him another address. “Send the nourishing potion to this address.”

“I will.” Yang Ye gritted his teeth and said. He contacted Corbien because he wanted the star pirates to help him deal with some private matters, but he didn’t expect to end up being controlled by the star pirates.

It was clear that he hadn’t used his own communicator to contact Corbien before, so how could Corbien dial his communicator directly? Was the technology of the star pirates so good now?

After taking a few deep breaths, Yang Ye calmed down and contacted Ethan. “Ethan, I am in urgent need of cash…”

Nowadays, in the Human Federation, the gap between the rich and the poor was extremely wide.

For most ordinary people, they will never leave the planet they live on in their lifetime, but for certain large families and big businessmen, without a few resource stars in their hands, they couldn’t even be considered rich.

For example, resource star 12534 belonged to the Fang family, mined countless energy mines every year and the taxes paid to the Human Federation were astronomical for ordinary people.

The Fang family also has more than just this energy star, owning many other resource stars, as well as even more spaceships.

The Fang family was so rich and so were several other large families. Yang Ye himself has a huge amount of assets.

But even if he has many assets, it doesn’t mean that he could take out hundreds of billions of cash at a time, not to mention he was not the only one in the Yang family.

If you wanted money, the best way was to find a bank for a loan. With the Yang family’s situation, the bank will certainly also lend it, but then… Yang Ye couldn’t afford to lose this person.

You also want to buy a nourishing potion?” Ethan asked.

“Also? You also bought it?”

“Fang Chengjun just sold me a batch of nourishing potion, but I need to find my parents to gather enough money.” Ethan said. “Six hundred billion for a batch, Fang Chengjun is really too

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