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Chapter 65.2 – Ruoyan Empire

Zhao Lingyu knew how to read lips. Although Ren Sheng did not understand it, it was still very simple for him to ask him to not make a sound when he spoke.

“The man behind that guy is the Star Pirate that tried to stab you with a needle last time.” Ren Sheng said silently. Although that man’s appearance had changed, his smell didn’t, so he could recognize him.

Corbien? He had thought that Corbien was a woman, but now he looked like this? Zhao Lingyu was a little curious, seeing Ren Sheng lips puffing up… “That monster seems to want to eat me, Lingyu, what do we do?”

Ren Sheng was a real ginseng spirit, but he was afraid that this man wasn’t trying to eat him, but wanted to gig him up for his own corner. Zhao Lingyu held Ren Sheng’s hand. “Don’t be nervous, I’m here. It will be fine.”

“Mm-hmm.” Ren Sheng nodded andbecame a little less nervous.

Seeing Ren Sheng like this, Zhao Lingyu left with Ren Sheng.

Crohn didn’t say why he came here at the beginning and the Human Federation government couldn’t figure out why he was there, so they carefully asked if he wanted a welcome party to be held in the evening.

“A banquet? Good.Bring all the S-class ability users and A-class ability users on this planet. Also, those people I met directly just now, I hope they won’t beabsent.” Crohn smiled and nodded.

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng hid quickly, but there were some things that couldn’t be avoided just by hiding. If Crohn said so, it was only natural for others to make this thing happen.

Gerd received this message immediately.

Knowing that he had two children in his belly, Gerd began to plan what he was going to do next.

First of all, he needed to contact Ren Sheng so that he could buy enough Nourishing Potions, and secondly, he had to live in seclusion for the next few months.

Now that the babies in his belly were exactly one month old, he paid more attention to them. In another four months, he could have an operation and take out the children, so he could raise them in an incubator. At that time, his belly shouldn’t be too big.

During this time, he can no longer conduct dangerous research, so he had to go to another planet so that others won’t know that he was pregnant with a child. As for the child’s abilities…

Children generally inherited the ability of the person with the higher level ability. He was on the same ability level as Fang Chengjun, so…. the children should inherit his ability, right? He was the one who worked so hard and got pregnant!

With such a plan, Gerd wanted to contact Ren Sheng as soon as possible, but it wasn’t safe to say it clearly. Gerd finally decided to find Ren Sheng by himself.

With this in mind, Gerd received a message that there was a visit from a higher civilization and that all S- and A- class ability users had to attend a welcome banquet and could also bring companions.

Higher civilization? Gerd read these words with a poundi

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