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Chapter 69.1 – Refining the Qi Replenishment Pill

Gerd’s face was tinged with a little panic, but when he saw Ren Sheng his expression finally looked calmer. “Ren Sheng, I’m going to stay with you at Zhao’s house for a few days.”

“Why?” Ren Sheng asked in confusion.

“I have encountered a little something. Ren Sheng, you must be responsible for the two children in my stomach.” Gerd said.

“These children are not mine.” Ren Sheng looked at Gerd in disbelief.

“If you clearly told me the use of the pills before, I would not…” Gerd was helpless about what he should say next. Then he turned his head and saw the girl present, he stood up straight and looked at her coldly. “You are still here? Can you get lost?”

Gerd changed from a pitiful little man to a domineering president in a second. After yelling at people, he sat down next to Ren Sheng. “Ren Sheng, I can’t help it. Elder Fang escorted Fang Chengjun to my place and said that Fang Chengjun did something wrong to me and must take responsibility for me.”

“What does Elder Fang want?” Ren Sheng asked in disbelief.

“He wants me to marry Fang Chengjun!” Gerd said.

“That’s too cheap for him!” Crohn came to him after seeing Gerd and quickly interjected. “If you get married now, aren’t you giving away Fang Chengjun’s two children for nothing? This is so uneconomical. It’s better for you to raise them yourself.”

“I think so too, but…” Gerd’s face was full of entanglement.

“What’s wrong?” Ren Sheng asked again.

“He wants to marry Fang Chengjun to me.” Gerd said.

When Master Fang found him with Fang Chengjun, he was planning to have a big ‘war’ with them and never compromise. He even checked the words that he could use online, but it turned out that before he could get mad, these two people started apologizing and finally they wanted Fang Chengjun to marry him!

If Fang Chengjun wanted to marry him in a high profile manner, Gerd would definitely scold them without mercy. But Fang Chengjun wanted to marry him. Gerd didn’t know how to deal with such a thing.

If he couldn’t handle it, he could only hide.

“It’s a good thing if he marries into your family.” Crohn immediately said.

“Do you want to marry him and don’t want him to marry you?” Ren Sheng asked curiously, thinking that it would be good if Gerd really got together with Fang Chengjun.

The corners of Gerd’s mouth twitched and he decided that it was better not to talk much to these two.

When he stopped talking, Ren Sheng looked at Crohn instead. “Where’s your translator?” Previously Crohn had relied on the translator to translate his speech, but he now seemed to speak fluent Human Federation language?

“With my skills, it’s only a matter of minutes to learn the Federation language!” Crohn glanced at Ren Sheng and stood up with condescension as he thought. Isn’t it just a language? He has very strong mental power, so the matter of the learning was as simple as scanning it.


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