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When Ren Sheng woke up, he felt that the place was not right.

As a ginseng spirit, he likes sunshine and land, and is sincerely close to these two things. But now, he couldn’t feel anything!

He definitely felt a strong breath of life when he fell through the space-time crack. There had been soil under his feet, but now that he had been unconscious for a while, how could there be nothing left?

Could it be that he was caught? Ren Sheng was shocked, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case.

Before this, a group of people had suddenly broken into his residence, chasing after him to steal what his master had left him, and also coveting his body, hoping to eat him directly. Although he ran away, he was still injured. When he came out of the space-time crack, the injury became more serious and even made him unable to stay awake.

Now, someone must have taken advantage of his weakness and locked him up!

The room surrounded by metal, was airtight, and not even a trace of aura could be sensed. Naturally, he couldn’t even use his magic power since he was seriously injured. He was afraid he would need to let these people just cut off his flesh. He won’t die for a while, so they will be able to keep every piece of meat fresh…

The more Ren Sheng thought, the more he believed that this was the case. His injuries had not been tended to carefully and he was unable to use his magic power at the moment. He was almost like an ordinary person now.

“Master Roy, are you awake?” While Ren Sheng was trying to figure out how to escape, the door of the room was suddenly opened and two tall and strong men came from outside.

Ren Sheng subconsciously shrank to the corner and then found something wrong with this situation. The accent of these two people was very strange and their bodies didn’t have even a little bit of magic power!

How could those people find two people weaker than him to guard him? Was this a conspiracy?

Dino noticed Roy’s panic and deliberately softened his voice, “Master Roy, you have been unconscious for a long time. Although we have given you nutritional injections, you still need to eat something. What do you want to eat?”

Who was this master Roy? And what about eating? He was a ginseng spirit, if they find a proper feng shui land for him to take root and let him bask in the sun, he will not need to eat at all, do these people not know it?

No, he can eat too… Are these people going to feed him with spiritual food to fatten him up and cut his meat off later?

Seeing that the delicate teenager was frightened and did not speak, Dino and the soldiers around him looked at each other and could only walk out first.

Because there were very few Dream Star people when the ship exploded, Dino immediately informed the closest garrison. Now, they were on a military ship and were on their way to the Capital Star.

The explosion of the Freedom Alliance’s ship was strange, bu

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