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“Mother, I can now control the energy in my body within a certain range. You need to send me to the nearby unnamed star now.” Zhao Lingyu, who had been touched all over his body, finally remembered what he had to do.

Shen Qiushi didn’t answer her son’s words and instead asked, “Lingyu, how can you control the energy in your body?” It was absolutely painful for her to let her son die out there alone.

If it had to be done for the sake of the inhabitants of Capital Star, of course she would agree to it, but the energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body was still under control, even if it was rioting. If the largest energy in his body belonged to the Zerg Queen, there would be nothing to worry about.

“Ren Sheng gave me something to eat and I felt that my body has become much better.” Zhao Lingyu said directly.

Shen Qiushi had suspected that the weakening of the energy rioting around her son had something to do with Ren Sheng, but now she was finally sure. “Your body is getting better, don’t say this anymore!”

“Marshal, I’ll go wherever you go!” Ren Sheng had been listening to Zhao Lingyu speak when he suddenly spoke out.

“What are you going to do?” Zhao Lingyu sighed.

“I’m getting married to you and I’m going to be with you forever.” Ren Sheng recalled Dino words again.

‘Such words would definitely be considered a confession if someone else said them, but this child… did he know what his words meant?’ This thought flashed in Zhao Lingyu’s heart and he looked towards his mother, wanting her to persuade Ren Sheng.

Shen Qiushi’s eyes were very complicated when she suddenly said, “If you’re going to the unnamed star, your father and I will also go with you.”

Zhao Lingyu shut his mouth. His father’s health was not good and if he went to the unnamed star, the first one to get into trouble would definitely be him.

“Don’t worry, in a short while you won’t be in such pain anymore!” Ren Sheng added while patting Zhao Lingyu’s head, clumsily comforting him.

Ren Sheng’s eyes were so serious that Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but want to believe it, but just how could it be that simple for his injuries to heal just like that?

That night, Ren Sheng insisted on sleeping next to Zhao Lingyu. Shen Qiushi tried to persuade him not to do it, but in the end she still agreed.

At this time, the matter of the Zhao family finding a mate for Zhao Lingyu had arrived outside the Zhao family and all the Capital Star dignitaries basically already knew about it. After hearing the news, everyone reacted differently. Some sympathized with the Zhao family, some felt sorry for them, and some ridiculed them in private, thinking that the Zhao family was doomed.

There were never as many people who fell to the ground as there were those who put the icing on the cake. Shen Qiushi connected to the Capital Star network and news from all directions was sent to her. Looking at the information in her hands, her expression became unreadable.


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