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Ren Sheng quickly stopped Zhao Lingyu’s hand. “No pulling!” Zhao Lingyu’s strength was getting stronger now, what would happen if he ripped the new little brother he just found?

“What’s going on?” Ren Sheng stopped him, so Zhao Lingyu calmed down and then immediately looked at Mr. Teng.

They almost suspected that he was a fake because he didn’t have his vine with him, but now… this person’s vine was wrapped around Ren Sheng? He didn’t find anything, did he?

Zhao Lingyu immediately became alert and began to think about what benefits he could use in exchange for Mr. Teng’s silence. Of course, no matter what it took, Reng Sheng’s particularity must not be discovered by Mr. Teng.

“I found this vine.” Ren Sheng also saw Mr. Teng and became somehow on guard, looking at the attitude of this person… this vine should be his, right?

“This is my Little Green. Little Green, come to daddy.” Mr. Teng was anxious, how could Little Green, whom he had raised as a child for almost four hundred years, curl around someone else’s arm?

Ren Sheng was stunned to hear Mr. Teng’s address. This man actually took a newly enlightened vine as his own child? It should be known that while it was possible for plants that have been transformed into human form in the cultivation world to be accepted as apprentices, it would never end well for the ones who were discovered before they could transform into a human.

Little Green was still wrapped around Ren Sheng, but the arrival of Mr. Teng clearly made it very happy. All the leaves opened up, not to mention that its tail suddenly became longer and rolled up pulling Mr. Teng to Ren Sheng’s side.

Zhao Lingyu’s face instantly turned black. What did this vine mean? How dare he tie his little ginseng to an old man!

No, how could he think that? Seeing such a situation, the average person would not be thinking about what the vine means, after all, the vine should be under the control of Mr. Teng, but…

For some reason, Zhao Lingyu actually felt that the vine had its own consciousness. Many thoughts flashed through his mind and Zhao Lingyu quickly stood between Ren Sheng and Mr. Teng.

“Mr. Teng, what do you want?” Shen Qiushi also frowned. Ren Sheng was their family’s treasure. Why did Mr. Teng let his vine entangle him? He was simply not taking the Zhao family seriously!

No matter if it was Zhao Lingyu or Shen Qiushi, they all paid more attention to Mr. Teng, but Ren Sheng patted the vine. “You get down there!”

He had thought he had picked up a little brother, but it turned out that this little brother had taken advantage of him to cheat him out of his spiritual energy. It even turned to this old man!

He’d say that this vine had just been a little too active, daring to lure even it’s owner here!

After being patted by Ren Sheng, the small green leaves suddenly drooped and slowly began to retreat from him, seeing this scene, Zhao Lingyu felt even more sure that this vine should be

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