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“I know.” Fang Rumeng nodded.

Ren Sheng followed Shen Qiushi slowly as she moved forward. He was not interested in the topics that Shen Qiushi talked about with others, so all his attention was on the beautifully decorated venue and the various food on the table.

Ever since Zhao Lingyu asked him to taste normal food, he has become more and more fond of all kinds of delicious food. The table next to him was full of food he had never seen before, which naturally made him swallow his saliva.

When Shen Qiushi noticed his appearance, she still had a lot of things to do, so she simply waved her hand towards Ellie, who had been following them, saying “Ellie, take Ren to eat something.”

Before coming to the banquet Ellie was specially instructed by Zhao Lingyu to protect Ren Sheng and not let anyone touch even a single hair on Ren Sheng’s head. At this time, when she heard Shen Qiushi’s words she would naturally not refuse and took Ren Sheng to the side.

Ellie once gave Ren Sheng Zhao Lingyu’s video, so Ren Sheng remembered her. “Thank you for giving me the video.”

“You’re welcome, I just wanted you to get to know the Marshal.” Ellie winked to Ren Sheng, “How was it? Do you think the Marshal is so great that you can’t help but admire and adore him? He’s definitely the most handsome man in the world!”

Ren Sheng nodded seriously, but as he watched Ellie praise Zhao Lingyu, he didn’t know why but he felt a little uncomfortable again.

As long as Zhao Lingyu knew it, why should others praise him?

“Marshal is very nice to you. Fire blue perfume is one of the top ten luxury items in the Human Federation so most people would only spray a little bit in their body. But you sprayed almost a bottle?” Ellie sniffed “It smells so good, I feel like I gained a lot of strength all of sudden…. Fire Blue Grass, which can enhance abilities make this perfume really worthy it’s name.”

“He only sprayed half a bottle.” Reng Sheng couldn’t help but touch his hair, the smell of other plants covering his body made him feel quite uncomfortable.

“Only sprayed half a bottle? Do you know how much this perfume costs?” Ellie was speechless. She asked if he sprayed the whole bottle as a joke ! But as a result the Marshal sprayed half a bottle!

She was sure now, the Marshal’s feeling for this child was definitely not pure!

“I don’t know.” Ren Sheng was very honest, he had no idea about money.

“Sure enough, you’re someone from nowhere.” An outstanding-looking middle-aged woman came over with a scrutinizing gaze that fell on Ren Sheng. “Don’t think that you will be at ease by taking advantage of the Zhao family’s misfortune and befriending them and then have a good time in the future by relying on their favor.”

“It’s better than some people falling into the well and getting worried about it.” Ellie looked at the other person as she recognized her as Wen Yue’s aunt. Wen Yue had pestered the Marshal from the beginning and ran away

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