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Although he was very concerned about Ren Sheng’s ginseng matter, Zhao Lingyu still had a lot of other things to do. He was busy adapting to his body and dealing with official business. In the meantime, he also asked someone to check out Mr. Teng.

Mr. Teng’s deeds over the past few hundred years were easy to trace. Basically, every time he appeared, he would do something big to stir up the Human Federation, such as destroying a nest of star pirates and tying them up with vines, finding habitable planets for the Human Federation and immediately start preparing them for colonization, or saving a group of explorers who were lost in interstellar space. Many people in the Human Federation knew about the more recent things he did, but it was not easy to trace what he did when he was young.

However, even if some traces were erased, some were still left. With Zhao Lingyu’s current identity, it was not difficult to find out all about it.

Not long after Ren Sheng produced the fruits, Zhao Lingyu talked with Mr. Teng.

At this time, Ren Sheng and Shen Qiushi were watching a newly released movie, which was based on a true story, called ‘The Last Moment.’ This so-called true story was the First Legion’s battle against the Zerg Queen.

Earlier, everyone thought that Zhao Lingyu would die, so the Human Federation agreed to make a movie. They even planned to release it after Zhao Lingyu’s death, but they didn’t expect that Zhao Lingyu would recover.

No matter how unwilling some people were, the movie had already finished shooting and all kinds of promotions were done. Of course, it needed to be released as scheduled. When Shen Qiushi got the news, she purchased the rights for viewing online and took Ren Sheng with her to watch it in their home theater.

The movie used a lot of real video footage and although the Marshal in the movie was played by a movie emperor who wore make-up to look like Zhao Lingyu, there was a strong sense of similarity.

Ren Sheng was so engrossed in the movie from the time it started playing that he was red-eyed by the time it finished. He didn’t even bother to pay attention to the suddenly harmonious atmosphere between Zhao Lingyu and Mr. Teng.

“What’s so good about this kind of movie?” Zhao Lingyu felt a little uncomfortable when he saw his own images during the passionate ending music.

Ivor said that this movie could promote him, so he didn’t stop it. But he still felt a little embarrassed when he saw it.

What was the situation at that time? How could there be so many tactics which needed to be used? It was even less likely for anyone to use those fancy moves in a life and death situation.

“Very nice!” Ren Sheng immediately refuted Zhao Lingyu.

“That’s right, I’ve watched so many movies, but this one is the best. With good special effects and a handsome protagonist!” Shen Qiushi did not blush.

Is it really good to praise your own son so much? Old Teng stood beside Zhao Lingyu and su

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