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Yang Ye waited outside the Zhao’s mansion for a long time without being able to go in. Finally, he could only say a few nice words and leave, ready to find another way.

As a result, before they could even think of a way to get the medical staff into the Zhao mansion, Mr. Teng even took the initiative to open a public channel on starnet and uploaded a photo of Zhao Lingyu.

In the photo, Zhao Lingyu was lying on a bed,and he didn’t look completely fine, but he looked much better than before.

Immediately following the photo, Mr. Teng sent another message that Zhao Lingyu was getting better and needed to rest. However, the treatment method of the Federal Medical Headquarters was not suitable for him.

Originally, many people didn’t understand the Zhao family’s actions of blocking the medical staff, but after seeing such a reply they were left with only giving their blessings. Not only was Yang Ye very angry at this, but even Zhao Lingyu felt a little uncomfortable… he had unexpectedly resolved this matter so quickly.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Teng.” Zhao Lingyu thanked him seriously.

“No need to thank me, it’s just a small matter.” Mr. Teng waved his hand. If Zhao Lingyu had asked him to do something illegal, of course he wouldn’t have agreed to it. But Zhao Lingyu only wanted to get rid of the people from the Federation Medical Headquarters, so he had no reason not to help. “Those people from the Federation government didn’t look right to me. You should be careful.”

He was willing to come over in the first place because he wanted to help Zhao Lingyu, but the people who brought him here obviously thought differently from him. If not for that, he wouldn’t have lost these people before coming here.

Only a strong man like Mr. Teng dared to say that the leadership of the Human Federation was not right. Zhao Lingyu always respected and appreciated Mr.Teng, but when he saw Little Green pestering him, he became a little torn.

Mr. Teng noticed Zhao Lingyu’s gaze and explained, “Although Little Green can understand human speech because of his mutation, no matter how much I teach him, he only has the IQ of a four or five year old child. He often can’t express his ideas clearly, so if it does something wrong please bear with it.”

Mr. Teng spoke politely, although his temperament was sometimes strange, he appreciated Zhao Lingyu. Not to mention that Zhao Lingyu had Ren Sheng next to him. Even though his Little Green was beaten and disliked by him, it was still eager to try to get close to Ren Sheng, making him think highly of Ren Sheng as well.

“Mr. Teng, don’t you find it strange that a plant has the IQ of a four or five year old child? You are not afraid of other people knowing?” Zhao Lingyu inevitably thought of Ren Sheng when he heard Mr. Teng’s words.

“There are so many strange creatures in this universe, Little Green can’t be considered strange compared to others, as for the others… I will always try to prot

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