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“Lord Marshal, why didn’t you tell us you were getting better? Everyone was worried.” When he arrived at the office building after the ceremony, Yang Ye immediately said this with a smile on his face.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t even look at him as he continued to walk inside.

The smile on Yang Ye’s face didn’t stop as he stepped forward to stop Zhao Lingyu, saying, “Zhao Lingyu, you’re obviously fine, but you’re still pretending to be dying!”

Just now on the parade stage, in front of the people of several planets, he didn’t dare to make too many moves or question Zhao Lingyu. But now there was no need to worry about that. Anyway, the discord between him and Zhao Lingyu was well known in the upper classes of the Human Federation.

“I didn’t say I was going to die.” Zhao Lingyu faintly looked at Yang Ye.

“Zhao Lingyu, don’t get cocky too soon.” Yang Ye gritted his teeth. Originally, after Zhao Lingyu’s accident, the Yang family gained a lot of great benefits. But after what Zhao Lingyu just did, Yang family would lose all of those benefits, not to mention suffering heavy losses.

“It’s not me who should be careful.” Zhao Lingyu hooked the corner of his mouth. At this moment, as if to echo his words, the parade stage outside the building suddenly collapsed with a loud bang.

All the people present were startled, but Zhao Lingyu remained relaxed. He glanced at Yang Ye and lightly laughed. “You should have built the parade platform more solid.”

After saying this, Zhao Lingyu went straight through the government building to the airship parked in the rear and left them behind.

Yang Ye glared fiercely at the ruins of the military parade platform outside. “Check… get someone to check! I want to know what happened to the parade platform!” It was not surprising that Zhao Lingyu could get in at such an important moment, his face was the best pass. No one would stop the Lord Marshal and national hero. but he had built the parade platform and its sudden collapse was clearly a provocation to him!

No, he was afraid it was not only a provocation. Would the person who tampered with the parade platform also be able to tamper with his house? This was clearly a threat!

The head of the Yang family was dissatisfied that his son found trouble with Zhao Lingyu in public. However, the collapse of the parade platform made him no longer ignore his dissatisfaction.

If the parade platform had collapsed while they were still up there, it would have been a great disgrace!

Whether it was the Yang family or others on the parade ground, they all coincidentally looked into the reason for the parade platform’s collapse. But the only results they got was that it collapsed because the load was too high for it to bear.

Overweight? The parade platform was made of a special alloy and minerals. Ability users could not control it and it was also very sturdy. How could it be unable to bear the load after a few people stood on it?

With this

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