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Although Little Green had robbed a lot of his nutrient liquid, Zhao Lingyu had also prepared more for him, so Ren Sheng’s mood naturally improved.

The nutrient liquid in the bathtub could be absorbed in a short amount of time if he wanted to, but thinking that it was prepared by Zhao Lingyu, he didn’t want to drink it all at once. Instead, he decided to sleep in the bathtub and absorb it slowly.

The feeling of lying in the nutrient liquid was so good that the more Ren Sheng laid there, the more comfortable he was. He slowly fell asleep, but in the middle of the night, the smell of refined soil came from outside!

At first, he thought he was dreaming. After all, apart from the fact that Zhao Lingyu’s body smelled like refined soil when he first met him, he hadn’t smelled such a good smell since. But after carefully sniffing the air, Ren Sheng suddenly jumped out of the bathtub and then rushed into the next room without hesitation… Even forgetting to put away his roots.

Zhao Lingyu was attacked that night again.

Ever since Ren Sheng arrived at the Zhao family, he wasn’t less ‘attacked‘ by Ren Sheng. Things like Ren Sheng pinning him down and pestering him happened several times a day, but never before had he been so embarrassed and speechless.

Seeing that Ren Sheng was about to pounce on him, Zhao Lingyu jumped up. Unfortunately, Ren Sheng did not care whether he was standing or lying down. His roots skillfully wrapped around him, and also wrapped around his waist all over.

What’s this called? Some time ago, he had thought that Ren Sheng was tied up by Little Green just like in one of those S/M scenes, but now he was the one tied up by Ren Sheng…

What’s more, Ren Sheng’s hands and feet were now turning into roots. He should have obviously felt horrible or uncomfortable, but Ren Sheng’s little face was full of joy. Smelling Ren Sheng’s smell, he didn’t feel disgusted at all, but instead felt very comfortable.

However, although it was a good thing to feel comfortable, these roots that kept digging into his clothes were not a good thing.

With Zhao Lingyu’s current strength, it wasn’t difficult to break those roots. But they were part of Ren Sheng. Let alone breaking the roots, he didn’t even dare to move. “Ren, stop!”

“Lingyu?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu in puzzlement and obediently stopped moving. The refined soil would not run away, so he was not in a hurry.

“You get out of the way so I can take a shower, no…” Zhao Lingyu’s expression stiffened.

When Ren Sheng came in just now, he said that there was a lot of refined soil. However, even if he stopped practicing this technique, how could there be a lot of refined soil? Now the only thing that’s extra on his body was probably… semen. Was there a lot of refined soil in that thing?

“I’ll absorb the refined soil from you first, then you can take a bath.” Ren Sheng said. Although he didn’t understand why Zhao Lingyu wanted to take a shower in t

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