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When Ren Sheng ate all of the fifty nutritious meals brought by the housekeeper, Zhao Peng got up from the ground.

After losing his abilities, he had aged rapidly and became a dying old man. But now, the wrinkles on his face had disappeared and his hair became black again, which could be called a rejuvenation.

Shen Qiushi’s eyes reddened again when she saw him like this. She and Zhao Peng were in love from the beginning and their relationship became even better after their marriage. But later Zhao Peng was injured and she could only watch him grow old.

Even though Zhao Peng was already old, she didn’t mind. But as long as she thought of her lover’s impending death, her heart couldn’t help feeling sad. Now that her husband was back to his middle-aged appearance, they had the possibility of growing old together.

Zhao Peng and Shen Qiushi both stared at each other closely and only after a while did Zhao Peng say, “I’m well. I’ll stay with you from now on.”

Shen Qiushi suddenly burst into tears.

Ren Sheng looked at Shen Qiushi in puzzlement. Zhao Peng was in pain and it was normal for his eyes to contain tears, but Shen Qiushi was crying even though she was well?

Of course, this had little to do with him. Ren Sheng suddenly stood up, rushed out towards the outside, and ran to Zhao Lingyu’s side again, “I’ve already given Uncle Zhao the medicine to eat!”

Zhao Lingyu had been lying down, unaware of the situation outside. So he was shocked when he saw Ren Sheng suddenly run in and say so.

He didn’t expect that after only mentioning it, Ren Sheng would actually give the medicine to his father. This child…

“I gave two!” Ren Sheng added, staring unblinkingly at Zhao Lingyu.

“Thank you,” Zhao Lingyu said gratefully.

Ren Sheng stared at him for a while longer, “You can’t go back on what you promised before.”

“What do you want?” Of course Zhao Lingyu hadn’t forgotten that he had promised this child whatever he wanted.

“I want you! You’ll be mine from now on, okay?” Ren Sheng seriously stated. He had only been given the opportunity to take care of Zhao Lingyu before, if only Zhao Lingyu was his!

“Good,” Zhao Lingyu smiled and agreed.

Perhaps now that Ren Sheng said that, maybe it was just a child’s obsession, but he was still willing to agree.

In the future, when Ren Sheng grows up, if he liked someone else, he would let him go. If this child kept liking himself so much, Zhao Lingyu thought that he didn’t mind waiting for this child to grow up and then become his partner.

Of course, before that, he would have to work hard to improve his strength – if he could only lie in bed all the time, then even if Ren Sheng liked him, he would still dislike himself.

But Zhao Lingyu, who had worked hard to cultivate, didn’t know that Ren Sheng was happy for him to stay in bed so that he could come and ‘take root’ whenever he wanted.

Zhao Lingyu was his! Ren Sheng was in a very good mood after

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