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“What subordinates?” Ren Sheng looked at the butler curiously.

These were the people who had been hanging around outside the Zhao family house these days! However, the young master basically did not go out and spent most of his time with the Marshal, so it was normal for him to not know. “They were all the subordinates of the young master before. After the young master’s accident, they stayed on Capital Star. Originally, madam didn’t allow them to come to the island, but recently the young master’s condition got better, so they all came back.”

Ren Sheng’s recent injury had almost recovered, so with a quick sweep of his mind, he immediately noticed that there were many more people outside the Zhao’s house. These people had built many houses on the island and seemed to intend to live here permanently. “They are Zhao Lingyu’s subordinates, shouldn’t they go see Zhao Lingyu?”

“Previously, the young master never allowed them to stay on Capital Star, so…” In fact, some of those people did not dare face Zhao Lingyu even when he was fine, but when Zhao Lingyu met with such an accident…

“Then let them leave Capital Star! Subordinates should be obedient!” Ren Sheng said without hesitation. Zhao Lingyu was so powerful, didn’t they just need to listen to him?

This young master Ren Sheng was really something else! It’s simply a sign of complete trust in our young master, isn’t it? The old housekeeper nodded and immediately answered, “Okay, Young Master Ren Sheng. I’ll tell them to go.” Those people were hiding outside and didn’t dare to go see their own young master. They were not as brave as Ren Sheng.

At the entrance of the Zhao family house, three men and two women, a total of five people, were standing at the door, looking at the Zhao family house expectantly.

They were either Zhao Lingyu’s subordinates, Zhao Lingyu’s former classmates, or talents that Zhao Lingyu had taken in after entering the army, and there was even one that Zhao Lingyu had rescued from the Star Pirates.

“Will that Ren Sheng come to see us?” A dark, and strong man with bulky muscles asked. He deliberately lowered his voice, but it was still very loud.

His name was Hong Zhong.

“Certainly.” Ivor, the thinnest of the five, spoke up. “After all, we have been with the Marshal for so many years, he has to meet us.” He was a military advisor under the Marshal and had already read all the available information about Ren Sheng before he came here. He even deduced a lot of possible outcomes according to Ren Sheng’s personality. The final result was that this person was 98% likely to come to see them.

Whether it was curiosity or something else, that person had already been accepted by the Zhao family, so it was only a matter of time before they met him.

“When he comes out, behave yourself and don’t say a word you shouldn’t say.” The prettier women of the two said while glancing around. “He’s still young. Don’t scare him.”

“Ellie, don’t undere

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