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Zhao Lingyu’s actions were very quick. He was never one to hesitate. The moment the door was knocked, a ‘thud’ came from the other side of the door, followed by some subtle sounds and someone opened the door only a minute later

The person who opened the door was McCarthy. They had just left the virtual network and his wife was coaxing the baby from running towards the door. When someone suddenly knocked on the door and that person was someone they didn’t know, he immediately became alert. So he only opened the door after some ‘cleaning up.’ As he opened the door he revealed a bright smile. Hello, may I ask what you want? Huh? Greenton?”

McCarthy didn’t know Zhao Lingyu, but he recognized Ren Sheng. When he saw Ren Sheng, his expression instantly changed. This man really did approach them on purpose before!

“We’re here to find someone.” Zhao Lingyu also didn’t try to hide it and directly said.

“Looking for someone? What kind of people can you find here?” McCarthy smiled again. His face didn’t show the slightest nervousness, but his hands shook.

“When we knocked on the door just now, you opened the door after a while, what were you doing?” Zhao Lingyu stepped forward and looked inside the house, no longer hiding the aura on his body. “You should have nothing to hide here, right?”

“What do you want to do? If you break into my house, I’ll call a patrol! ” McCarthy said. But he also knew that he could only say that. There was a child hidden in his house, so how could he let the patrol come? Just who were these people in front of him?

He quietly observed Zhao Lingyu, but the more he observed, the more alarmed he became. Zhao Lingyu’s body has the aura of a high level ability user, not to mention that Zhao Lingyu looked like he had taken lives before. It also should not be only one or two lives. He definitely killed a lot of people.

In the Ruoya Empire, even the people in the army wouldn’t have such momentum! Even a star pirate whom McCarthy had seen before, who had gone to a lower civilization to rob didn’t feel as terrible as the man in front of him.

Who was this guy? Was that child really a child of some wanted criminal, as they thought at first? Now… this wanted criminal accomplice was looking for him? How did he have the guts to come to the Imperial Star?

“Patrol?” Zhao Lingyu smiled and pressed the contact terminal in his hand a few times. Soon a set of information surfaced on it, as well as on McCarthy’s terminal so he quickly understood information.

“Lieutenant Colonel Ackerman of the Imperial Star Patrol?” This person was actually a lieutenant colonel? McCarthy was unusually shocked. In the Ruoya Empire, the rank of lieutenant colonel was not low. Only, since this man was a lieutenant colonel, he was afraid he wasn’t here for a wanted criminal, so could it be that he was here for that child?

“I can go in now, right?” Zhao Lingyu said, walking inside. He had done a lot of things with Crohn, these

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